Top 10 UK weight loss experts

Healthy weight loss and fast weight loss do not always involve the same methods, so you need to learn to lose rate at a healthy rate, and do so without leaving yourself open for disease or repeat weight gain. Losing weight in a healthy way is important, even if you are learning how to lose weight fast. Sensible weight loss will give you longer-lasting results, and improve your overall level of health.

When you lose body fat, your total loss of weight will be significant. Your health will improve, your body will be re-shaped and will become tight and toned. The results will last longer, too. Healthy weight loss also involves losing body fat while you preserve your muscle.


Muscle is active metabolically, and it burns calories all day long. If there are fewer extra calories remaining, then your body will convert less food to fat, and store less fat. When your body stores less fat, it stabilizes your new level of weight, and gives you longer lasting results. Toning your muscles is a good way to protect against weight gain in the future.

Healthy weight loss will allow you to lose body fat and keep your muscle tissue. You need to burn body fat rather than muscle, in order to determine how to lose weight fast. This way, your total weight will drop significantly and you’ll be protected from gaining the weight back.

Dr. Claire Kehoe studied at the University of Ulster and earned a degree in human nutrition. She has done research in dietary eating habits and nutritional epidemiology. She was on the research staff at the Northern Ireland Center for Diet & Health.

Tony Ferguson UK weight loss expert, has many years of experience in well-being and health. He has seen where other programs have failed, and understands why fast weight loss programs often fail in the long run. His program offers safe weight loss and it’s based on scientific fasts. It’s easy for people to use, and people can use this program and still enjoy their food.

Dr. Barbara Wilson serves as a Nutritional Services Manager with the UK Diet Club. She oversees development of personalized diet and healthy living plans. She studied in Edinburgh and got a degree in Biological Sciences, and has carried out research into antioxidant properties of common foods. She is a member of the British Nutrition Society.

Sarah McCann is a dietician and serves on the Health Professionals Council. She is nationally certified in Health Science and Physiology. She also has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She feels that weight loss by healthy eating needs to be achievable and realistic.
John Donnelly is a fitness expert with a diploma in Sports Therapy, Personal Training and Gym Instruction. He helps people who are trying to figure out how to lose weight fast to use exercise as part of the plan. He has five years of experience within the fitness industry.

Catherine Matthews is a nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Science. She has worked as an information specialist with a healthcare company, serving to educate people in nutrition and science. She is qualified in giving out useful information about nutrition and weight loss, and balancing the two realistically.
Dr. Pierre Dukan has published a breakthrough diet book, and has crossed over from France to England to help people learn to diet properly. He helps people to focus on four diet phases, with each one following logically after the previous phase. His starting point in fast weight loss is protein with no carbs.

Steve Halsall is a professional fitness and weight loss trainer who has worked with celebrities, as well as everyday people. He also runs fitness retreats in Spain.

Stuart Amory is a nutritional advisor and personal trainer, who was a fitness instructor for the RAF for ten years. He belongs to the register of Exercise Professionals and specializes in nutritional and fitness methods that work together.


Amanda Hamilton has been a practicing qualified nutritionist for ten years. Her TV appearances and books have helped her to reach more people. She runs retreats, clinics and weight management courses.