5 Tips For Your First Day At The Gym

You finally have the guts and motivation to hop off the couch and signup for a gym membership. Going to the gym may be the very start of living an active lifestyle, with an end result of feeling good and looking good. Finally you are on the road to six packs, strong muscles, and ripped calves and biceps.

Going to the gym is more than just the aim of getting a celebrity-like physique. It is about discipline, consistency and above all, health. Now that you have your gym bag ready it is time to enter the gym.

Feeling intimidated is normal for a newbie. Consider your first day at the gym like a first day at school. It is both exciting and nerve-wracking but  the most important feeling is hope. Things can go wrong, it can be an awful day, you may commit mistakes but with a few important tips it can turn out to be a perfect day and you will always look forward to your progress.

Bring The Essentials

You will be at the gym for quite some time, there will be a bit of orientation, explaining rules and regulations and touring you around the facility. And so, it is important that you bring with you the essentials. These includes towels; one to wipe your sweat and the other for after shower, water bottle, lock for your locker; if your gym does not have a key card, change of clothes, and maybe your electronics for music.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable and appropriate clothing. A loose-fitting shirt is the basic, but if you want to level up your game you can go for a lightweight, flexible, moisture-wicking clothes and proper shoes.

Make A Plan/Set A Goal

The consultant or gym instructor has probably asked you this before you have even signed up, but what is actually your plan? What is your goal? Is it about weight loss? Getting ready for the beach? A flat or chiseled abdomen? When I was asked, I told them I want to see myself with abs before I hit 30, and that is how they started making a plan for me. I learned how they can help me and if they are actually suitable for my needs. With that, the instructor gave me the necessary details and information I needed to start off with what I actually need to do.

Make sure they do a form of assessment to your current status, so they can make a set of steps for you to follow and know where you can start.

Always Warm Up

Trying out gym equipment is very exciting, especially when you see a top of the class kind of machine, but you must warm up first. Not doing proper warm-ups can lead to unnecessary injury that not only gives you pain, but also disrupt your budding journey to a healthier you.

Warm ups exercise are gradual movements that increases intensity over time that helps your mobility and stretchability. Making them an important step on your every gym visit to keep ready for the hard work ahead.

Do Less

I know it sounds counterproductive, but in your first day at the gym you need to do less than what you imagine you could do. If you think you are equipped and ready to do a 30 minute cardio, make it 15 minutes or less. Feeling like lifting dumbbells for 15 rep? Make it 5. If you push yourself to hard, you are likely to just get yourself injured and be unable to properly walk for days – that is what counterproductive is.

The best way to think of this is that working out is a gradual phrase, with no better way to start than from the bottom and make your way to the top. This type of thinking will lead you to become a proper gym-goer and do your workout effectively.

Have Realistic Expectations

You must remember that you are not going to hit your goal during the first week or even month. It can take time. Also remember that you may have problems areas that you may struggle with. There are many ways to help with those. You can speak to a nutritionist about your diet, work with a personal trainer, or if you have one area that is just a problem, try coolsculpting to get the results you are after.