Top Places To Travel In Europe

Travelling around Europe can be such a magical experience. Europe is a culturally rich continent, with some of the best food and drink around. Home to many wonderful sites and some of the best artists, who wouldn’t want to travel in Europe! When travelling in Europe you’re going to need a few things, such as an EHIC, which is a European health insurance card. This card is issued free of charge. EHICs are covered by a social security scheme which is available to all EEA countries – Click For More. Below are 6 destinations in Europe that everyone should visit at least once!

  1. Porto

This costal city in Portugal is well known for its wine and is a go-to place for anyone looking for some divine wines and some amazing stately bridges. Get lost exploring Avenida dos Aliados then go on to see one of the cities many spectacular bridges such as the Dom Luis I bridge. The food and drink scene is Porto is incredible, wine lovers from all around the world come to enjoy the amazing port which is in fact stored in huge cellars which stretch along the banks of the Duro river. Furthermore, Porto offers some of the most amazing seafood around so the food or the drink in this amazing city won’t disappoint you.

  1. Rome

Rome, the city of love, the city of seven hills, well known for its mythic beginnings should be on any must go to list! The origin story behind how Rome was founded is very interesting. It’s the tale of two twin brothers named, Romulus and Remus. The story goes that there were nursed by a wolf and had a war god for a father. They according to Roman mythology went on to find the city of Rome. Many archaeological scholars dispute this story, however it’s undeniable that there is something quite extraordinary.  Rome is also home to the mysterious Vatican City, which alone is worth the visit.

  1. Prague

The capital city of Czech Republic is a bustling city, which is upcoming in the tourist industry attracting troves of travellers. This picturesque city hides its dark past with a veil of pretty buildings and rich cultural heritage. The city of Prague has been invaded, there have been attempts to overthrow the city, fires and floods have also plagued its past. It has a strong reputation for being strong and surviving against the odds which is what makes this Czech capital so alluring and fascinating. Its tourist industry is thriving due to its outstanding architecture and cliff top castles. Prague is filled with amazing sights, which set the scene of having an urban fairytale town.

  1. Venice

If you think of Venice, the idea of long romantic gondola rides around the canals and getting lost in its quaint streets will fill your mind. However although Venice is thought to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, there is more to the city than just lovebirds and romance. Venice is a culturally rich and diverse city. There are many historical sites, theatres and amazing food around every corner. This makes Venice an all rounder. Offering both romance and culture. Getting lost in the streets and discovering the hidden gems to eat at is what makes Venice so magical. So get yourself to this spectacular floating city.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona, not only home to one of the best football teams in the world Barcelona is home to some of the best architecture and art in the whole world. Barcelona was once home to world famous artist Antoni Gaudí who influences is clear to see all over the city. One the most amazing parks in the world is located in Barcelona where Gaudi turned it into an artistic haven. La Sagrada Familia is incredibly famous for being one of the most majestic unfinished churches in the world. Not many countries can boast of having so many incredible attractions, which have strong artistic ties like Barcelona can. Furthermore, Barcelona is home to some of the most amazing tapas in the world, the food is caught fresh and cooked in traditional ways. La Boqueria is one of the main tourist attractions, which delivers amazing quality food time and time again!

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has so much more to offer than just their coffee shop culture and their infamous red light district. The city is full of picturesque canals and bustling museum scene. Hiring a bike to ride around the city is the only way to see Amsterdam, riding along the canals and admiring the unique architecture will blow your mind. Historical sites such as the tragic Anne Franks house will leave you feeling that this city has more to it than just coffee shops and the red light district.  The relatively low-cost accommodation and friendly locals is what makes this destination incredibly popular.