Top Tips on Shifting from Work to Social 

Few things are as frustrating as having to lug a big bag of clothes around on the tube before awkwardly changing in the staff toilets as you prepare for a big night on the town. We think it’s time to put an end to the hassle of carrying around different outfits and choosing to wear more versatile day to night outfits instead. Below is some great advice from Chi Chi London on how to make the switch from work to social, whatever your style, without the added hassle.

Top things off 

Let’s start off with a top tip – literally! Slipping on a long-sleeve top or a plain white tee underneath your midi or maxi dress is an easily effortless way to pull things off and to ensure you don’t look totally out of place in the office. As the day turns to night, simply slip off your shirt and head out to town with your shoulders on show, and you will have made an incredibly simple transition from day to evening wear in the process.

Consider a crochet 

Unfortunately, we’re all accustomed to dressing in a way that is smart and super sensible while we are around the office and sometimes there’s just no getting away from it! But we encourage you to try and ditch the boring office attire and go for something a little more daring, such as a detailed crochet look. The intricate detailing of a crochet bodycon dress has the ability to provide that wonderful sense of elegance to any outfit, while solving the problem of being both dressed and ready for the office, and your night out at the same time.

Pull off some patterns 

In so many cases, hiding in plain sight at work is your best option. However, wearing a dress that boasts a bold pattern will also help you to look both stylish and trendy in the office as well as before you head into town, turning heads for all the right reasons. If you can pull off some patterns too, you will make your life so much easier when it comes to transitioning from office to evening wear.

Select the right LBD 

Who doesn’t love a little black dress? As a style icon, however, it’s not a number that everyone would consider wearing to the office. But in our opinion, a subtle LBD is the way to go this season, and with so many types of LBD’s available, you can’t go wrong with a style that is more loose-fitting, long-sleeved or has some alternate detailing to be comfortable but still draw attention.

White is right 

You might be of the opinion that a maxi dress could be tad over the top when it comes to office attire and depending on your job and the vibe in your office, you might be right. But let us make a suggestion we think you’ll love – pairing a cute maxi dress with your favourite all white trainers is absolutely the perfect way to transition from office-ready to dance-floor-ready! Plus, it saves you the hassle of only having to carry around and change your shoes, instead of an entire outfit and that’s definitely the kind of time and energy saving tip we love.

Tie things over in the evening 

We want to finish things off with the simplest tip of them all, one we have tried and tested for ourselves too! Pick out your favourite shirt from your wardrobe and tuck it into your skirt or smart trousers while you’re at work. Then, when you’re ready to head out to party, untuck your shirt and tie it together, turning a basic outfit into a totally fresh, new look. This remarkably simple change will transform your look in no time at all and get you ready for the dancefloor, with maximum success and very little effort.

So, don’t worry about packing an evening bag and carrying it around with you on your morning commute to work, before heading out for the night. Use some of our top tips above to make getting ready for your night out, while at work, much more stress-free. More importantly, save yourself all that time and effort and spend it enjoying yourself with friends! There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t create a smart yet sexy outfit to ensure you look both professional and ready for the day ahead while you’re at your desk, as well as ready to party the night away once your shift is over!