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Man Candy Monday: Taylor Kitsch (source:

Who is Taylor Kitsch? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Taylor Kitsch
  • Nicknames: none
  • Height: 6’
  • Age: 30
  • Born: April 8, 1981 in Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Profession: Actor, model
  • Status: Unknown at time of publication
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2006: Godiva’s (Colm) – television series
2006: Kyle XY (Male Camper) – television series
2006: John Tucker Must Die (Justin) – feature film
2006: Snakes on a Plane (Kyle “Crocodile” Cho) – feature film
2006: The Covenant (Pogue Parry) – feature film
2006-2011: Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins) – television series
2008: Gospel  Hill (Joel Herrod) – feature film
2009: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Remy LeBeau/Gambit) – feature film
2010: The Bang-Bang Club (Kevin Carter) – feature film
2012: John Carter (John Carter) – feature film, post production
2012: Battleship (Alex Hopper) – feature film, post production
2012: Savages (Chon) – feature film, post production
2012: Transformers: Darkness Rising (Ramjet) – television series, voice over work
2013: Lone Survivor – feature film, announced/pre-production


I don’t even know where to begin with Taylor Kitsch. The man is very nearly flawless. It’s almost as if he was sculpted from marble. I have to be honest though. Until his name came up as a write in candidate in last week’s poll, I didn’t really know much about him. I knew him as the cute guy from Friday Night Lights, a show I’ve never actually watched. I keep hearing that it’s good but I hear that a lot of things are good and FNL just sort of got lost in the mix. I think that may have to change and soon.


Over the course of my research for this profile, I learned a lot about Taylor Kitsch. First, I learned Mr. Kitsch is Canadian, a fact that makes me feel a special kind of patriotic pride. Part of me wants to bust out a rousing rendition of “O Canada” while a much bigger part of me knows that under no circumstances is my singing anything at all called for. Second, I learned Taylor is not only ridiculously good looking but also seems to be quite a humble guy. I like to attribute that to the legendary “Aw shucks” kindness we Canadians are known for. You won’t find Taylor embroiled in a lot of the typical Hollywood drama many of his contemporaries like to immerse themselves in. Instead, Taylor seems to be happier living a quiet life that keeps his face out of the tabloids and there’s something infinitely appealing about that.

source: Esquire

Had things gone a different way for Taylor, he may have become more well known as a hockey player than as an actor. Like so many Canadians, hockey was a big part of Taylor’s childhood. In fact, he’s often said he began playing when he was around three or four years old on a frozen pond in his backyard. He was good enough at the sport to earn a spot on the Langley Hornets, a part of the BCHL. Many believed Taylor was on track for a career as a pro hockey player but that came to a sudden end when a knee injury took him out of the game. Apparently fate had other things in mind for lovely Mr. Kitsch.   

credit: Michael Muller/Contour by Getty Images

After being scouted my modeling companies in 2002, Taylor moved to New York to pursue a possible career in that field but this isn’t a guy content with sitting back and letting his good looks do all the work for him. He also began studying acting around the same time and before long, was landing small roles in various projects. That still wasn’t enough though. During that time in New York, Taylor also took time out of what was becoming an increasingly busy schedule to become a certified personal trainer/nutritionist. He’d later use this training for charitable work encouraging healthier, more active lifestyles for children.


Realizing that acting was something he wanted to pursue more seriously, Taylor packed up and headed for Los Angeles where he felt he’d find more acting opportunities. While he had a fair amount of success, it wasn’t long before he decided life in LA just wasn’t for him. He didn’t like the fast paced, chaotic lifestyle and after less that a year, he was on his way out of LA and back to Vancouver to spend the summer of 2005 with his family. The following year, Taylor signed with Endeavor and his career kicked into high gear as he landed several major film and television roles and really started building a fan base thanks to his performances in Snakes on a Plane, The Covenant and Friday Night Lights. 


With some major films in the pipeline hitting big screens in 2012 including John Carter, Battleship and Savages, it’s pretty clear Taylor Kitsch’s star is only beginning to shine and why shouldn’t it? He’s a smart man and he’s not afraid to work hard for what he wants. In many circles, Taylor’s name is among those poised to take over Hollywood as a member of Hollywood’s new A-list. He’s more than a pretty face and a rock hard body. If he continues to make wise career moves, keeps his name out of the scandal sheets and continues approaching his work with the same tenacity, there’s no reason Taylor can’t have a long and well respected career.


I have to admit, it was a real pleasure to work on this week’s Man Candy profile but it nearly didn’t happen. Last week’s vote was incredibly close, with Taylor taking the win by a very, very thin margin. To ready more about last week’s vote and to meet this week’s contestants, head on over to Girl In Stereo. There are two returning candidates, three reader suggestions and one candidate I chose myself. Make sure you vote for your favorite to help them earn their very own Man Candy Monday profile. Remember, voting is free and unlimited. Vote as many times as you want without having to pay a cent or sign up for any annoying programs or e-mail lists. You can vote via the poll over at Girl in Stereo or cast your vote directly by clicking here. Okay, enough talk – lets get to the Taylor Kitsch gallery! Enjoy!

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