Top Tips for Stealing Your Boyfriend’s Style This Fall

Fall is finally here; it’s the season of comfy socks, cozy sweatshirts, and the pumpkin-spiced latte. It’s also time to steal your boyfriend’s style (or to actually raid his closet). Think his hoodie is that bit cozier than your own? You’re not alone; research by Couponbox found that women have been borrowing from their boyfriends’ closets for centuries.

So, as the evenings get darker, follow our top tips for stealing your boyfriend’s style (or his actual clothes) to stay comfy, cozy, and on-trend this fall.

Grab Yourself a Pair of Chucks

Nothing says comfy-but-stylish like a pair of Converse All Stars. Nowadays, chucks are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but this wasn’t always the case. In an exclusive interview, Elizabeth Semmelheck (of the BATA shoe museum in Toronto) revealed that, although Converse All Stars began life as an exclusively male shoe, it’s almost impossible to pin down exactly when Chucks made the move into women’s wardrobes. Although we don’t know how it happened, we’re just glad that it did.

white converse dainty 3” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Idhren

Sneak that Cozy Sweatshirt Out of His Closet

Why is it that your boyfriend’s sweatshirt is so much cuddlier than your own? Don’t fight it, just go with it. Wear it with skinny jeans or even as a dress; not only will it keep you that much warmer, but you’ll look fabulous too. (And if you sneak it back in time, he may not even notice that it was gone.)
seisseis” (CC BY 2.0) by mamengomez

That Plaid Scarf You’ve Always Had Your Eye on? It Would Totally Look Better on You.

You say “plaid scarf,” I say “Burberry.” According to Andy Gilchrist, the influential style blogger, it’s the most recognizable plaid in the world. We can’t all afford a Burberry plaid scarf (sob), but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives, and I bet your boyfriend has one hiding in the back of his wardrobe.

Scarf” (CC BY 2.0) by julianbrooke

A Pair of Woolly Walking Socks Will Keep Your Feet Nice and Cozy

Cold feet are the worst. No, cold, wet, feet are the worst. Raid your boyfriend’s sock drawer and pull out the chunkiest, woolliest socks you can find. It doesn’t matter if they’re a little big; your feet will thank us later.

9 to 5 socks” (CC BY 2.0) by starathena

Flannel, Flannel Shirts Everywhere

Whether you wear it buttoned up, open over a plain white tee, or tie it around your waist (Khloe Kardashian style), flannel shirts are a staple. No doubt there’ll be plenty to choose from in your boyfriend’s closet. (Just make sure you don’t both go out wearing similar flannel, which could be awkward.)

Mustard Scarf, Plaid Shirt, Navy Blue Sk” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by petitepanoply

So, there you have it; be comfy, cozy, and bang on-trend this fall by raiding your boyfriend’s closet. If you don’t have an “other half” whose closet you can have a rummage through (and don’t fancy wearing your brother’s or dad’s clothes), fear not. Try shopping in the men’s department; you can save some real money here as the clothes are sometimes a fair bit cheaper.