Valeo HW2 2-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights Review

No home fitness program is complete without having the right workout accessories and some of the most important accessories are hand weights. The Valeo HW2 2-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights are the perfect companion for any fitness program. You can easily put them in your bag and use them whenever you want.

Product Description

The Valeo HW2 2-Pound Neoprene-coated Hand Weights are the perfect companion for various workouts usually done at home. Various fitness programs that are designed for home wouldn’t be complete without these hand weights as they help in gaining more muscle mass and toning.

The best thing about the Valeo 2-pound hand weights is that it’s coated with a nonslip Neoprene material, which allows you to hold the weight easier. It was specifically designed to cater to toning and sculpting needs of women who follow various fitness programs designed for home use. It is ideal for bicep curls and triceps extensions. It’s even colored with a baby pink color making it very easy on the eyes and perfect for display in any fitness room for women.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with an exercise wall chart, which demonstrates various exercises and the proper way to do it using the Valeo 2-pound hand weights. Don’t let the size fool you because having these 2-pound hand weights can really tone your arms. In addition, it works well for various aerobic exercise and fitness training as well.


The Valeo 2-pound Neoprene Hand Weights can go with you to work because they are so easy to carry around and will fit perfectly in any bag. Working out can be done just about anywhere with these hand weights from Valeo. In addition, these weights are perfect for those who can’t work with heavier weights because of various health problems. The use of these 2-pound hand weights can improve core strength as well, just like heavier weights can.

Beginners and even elderly people will find the Valeo 2-pound Neoprene Hand Weights very useful for their needs. This can also serve as the gateway for heavier weights, especially for beginners. The Valeo 2-pound hand weights are also highly recommended for those undergoing physical therapy, especially those with problems with their arms, shoulders, and upper body joints. This is the perfect weight class that can help them regain strength and get back on track.


–          The Valeo 2-pound Neoprene Hand Weights are very easy to use and handle, and is recommended for all ages, and even for beginners, and even people with injuries during physical therapy.

–          It’s coated with the nonslip Neoprene, which makes it easy to grip and handle.

–          They come in a pretty pink color.

–          It can be easily carried around and fits perfectly in any bag or purse.

–          It works well with various workouts and exercises and complements various fitness programs.

–          The package includes an exercise wall chart that demonstrates various workouts and exercises in which the hand weights can be integrated and used properly.

–          Fits perfectly in a woman’s hand.

–           Less expensive than ohter Neoprene weights.


–          Some users easily outgrow the weight size.


What Customers Say

There is nothing to dislike about the Valeo 2-pound Neoprene Hand Weights and users have agreed with their perfect five-star rating on Most users found it very useful for various fitness programs they are doing right in the comfort of their own homes.

One user even noted that she used it as recommended by her therapist to help heal her frozen shoulder and it did wonders for her. It is the perfect weight class for beginners, elderly people, injured people in therapy, and so on. Most users have noted that there is almost no risk in using these hand weights and they highly recommend it for women of all ages.

Many users love the grip of these Neoprene hand weights.  It’s perfectly comfortable to handle and grip even during prolonged workouts because of its Neoprene coating.  Your hand will not slip out of place nor will your hand get tired from holding the weight.

It’s good to use this light weight when you are just starting out on an exercise routine. In fact, using this light weight will actually motivate those who are not inclined to workout. And then as you get stronger you can switch to a heavier weight.


With a price of just around $12 on, the Valeo 2-pound Neoprene Hand Weights are guaranteed to be worthwhile investments and a great addition to your physical fitness equipment. These handy hand weights proved to be very effective in gaining core strength as well as upper body muscle toning. It’s also perfect for beginners and those who are in need of regaining their strength and control because of an injury or disability.