Vampire Inspired Cosmetics

Fashion houses and cosmetics companies all over the planet are cashing in on this look at the moment. Piggy backing on the success of the Twilight series of Films, True Blood and of course The Vampire Diaries series, which are showing on TV at the moment.

This Morbid, dark and mysterious look was taking centre stage on the High Fashion runways. With the likes of Lois Vuiitton, Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli showing off their latest designs against pale skin and even blood red lips, just like Vampires after their first Human kill.

Vampire looks on the catwalk

Teens everywhere are going crazy for this look and if you browse you tube there are even make up
tutorials to help you look like your favourite Vampire.

Vampire Diaries

Vampire diaries inspired Make-Up tutorial You Tube Video:

Or for a far stronger look, something that would be more Elvira or a good one for Halloween.

Vampire inspired makeup (maybe for the more hardcore Vamps or for Halloween) You Tube Video:

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, was a cult comedy movie in the late 80’s, where Elvira inherits a house in New England, from her recently deceased Aunt and how the locals take to a busty Gothic looking outsider. Many Goths use her as a style icon even nowadays.

Cosmetic companies are making a killing, with their Vampire inspired lipsticks and mascara

The Vampire or even Gothic look is so on trend at the moment, especially with the new series of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries airing at the moment, but what makes this look so alluring?
Is it the dark and mysterious looking eyes that seem to draw you in? Or maybe the blood red, totally kissable lips that whisper to you?

Either way this look is here to stay, whether it is eternal or immortal is a question for the future…

Luna Twilight Lipstick from DuWop

Twilight range from DuWop

For all you big Twilight Fans out there, a new range inspired by the Movie Twilight, from Cristina Bartolucci for DuWop, prices around $16.00 each.

Jane from New Moon

Make up tutorial, for Jane in New Moon, Twilight:

Little know company and very hard to find, but looks lovely stuff…

Geek Chic Cosmetics

Based in Portland, the cosmetics are cruelty free, handmade and simply packaged, so they don’t cost the Earth (both wallet wise and are kind to the earth).

They have released a range called Fang Bangers Quartet which includes…Purity Burns (grey/silver metallic), Viking King (aka Eric Northman, a yellow/gold metallic), Blood bond (gorgeous red metallic) and Eyes of the Werewolf ( brown/bronze metallic).l

Fang Bangers Quartet

These are priced at around $4.99 each. Also available is a lushious lippie called Once Bitten (a blood red lipstick) and all are aimed at the Fans of True Blood.

True Blood

Queen Sophie-Ann, True Blood

Queen Sophie-Ann from True Blood make up tutorial:

Some cosmetic companies are even branching out into bathtime treats…

These were released for a True Blood Competition Giveaway

Honeycat Cosmetics, bathtime treats

Honeycat are also getting in on the act by releasing a line of Vampire inspired bath essentials,
“Blood Sudz” Shower Gel, priced at $25.00 and Heme-Dream Bath Fizzy, priced at $12.00.
These sensual and sexy cosmetics are never tested on animals, especially sexy felines…and contain all natural products.

I wonder if Eric used these in his bath ?

Eric Northman,True Blood

Maybe he can share mine !!!

Demon Chick xx