Wedding Dresses

When it comes to selecting a dress for the best day of your life, you do not want to wait for the last minute. If you are planning an autumn wedding, consider some of the trends emerging in the next few months.

You can have a fashionable wedding with the dress of your dreams, whether it is an elegant ball gown or a roaring 20s flapper dress. My Girl Dress bridal dresses and other wedding shops can be extremely helpful at helping you find the perfect gown.

When it comes to color, it is clear the times are changing dramatically. A bride does not necessarily have to be a vision in white anymore. Many women are going the route of vivid colors, many geared toward traditional fall colors such as orange and yellow. Crimson is a royal, bold color that fits in well with an autumn wedding without clashing with secondary colors. Skirts no longer require robust, white lining.

Some brides have been going for light yellow skirts and underlining to mix things up. If you are not excited about vivid colors, think about trying a toned down blue or pink. The bride will look ethereal in a pale color or regal in a jewel tone. These colored dresses can make a dress festive and celebratory rather than strictly formal. The tradition of a white dress does not necessarily take precedence anymore.

Brides should pay attention to the top cuts of the wedding dress. For instance, a keyhole neckline is becoming more popular this year. This cut is modest enough for a wedding but also sultry enough to make a statement.

More brides are also aiming for a deep v-neck for a sexy but modest look. The peek-a-boo back is making an entrance this season as well. Showing off a small amount of back can be in good taste if the rest of the dress has a simple, elegant cut.

As far as sleeves go, spaghetti straps are trendy for fall styles. It is not yet cold enough or the full length sleeves, though they will certainly make an appearance this winter. Some brides are even pushing for dresses with asymmetrical sleeves. Autumn brides are going to be sporting more one-shoulder tops complimented by accessories. Even the simplest cut can be fashionable and trendy if the bride accessorizes the dress appropriately.

The skirt of a dress can make a dramatic impression. Uneven and short skirts are in style right now. That is not to say that the ball gown style is going anywhere. There are still plenty of brides who want to achieve this classic look so it will never be forgotten.

Each year it seems that there is a new vintage style that brides hope to achieve. This autumn, brides are trying to emulate the fashions of the 1920s. If you are trying to get this style, consider purchasing a dress with sheer, thin fabric and some elaborate beading. Brides will be able to find vintage dresses that are flashy in the most subtle ways too.

Geometric shapes and angles are part of the art deco imagery that brides love. These dresses are typically slim with a soft skirt drapery. They are also shorter than the average wedding gown. Some of these dresses reach just above the knee, in contrast to the billowing Cinderella skirts of the past.

In terms of colors, these vintage dresses are usually vivid or pale. The most common theme is white or off-white coloring with gold and silver embellishments that shine under the spotlights. Pair one of these dresses with gold heels and a feather headband or veil to complete the look.

Makeup should be dramatic and dark for the full effect. This flapper style is reminiscent of books and films like The Great Gatsby, making it a stylish look to achieve this season before the new film is released. Some brides are opting for a jazz-inspired theme for the entire wedding, complete with music and hall decorations that truly make a dramatic impact.

Then, there are some brides who truly want to assert their over-the-top fashion sense on the day of their wedding. If you want to do this, make sure you are seeking out bold accessories. Think about big bangles, chandelier earrings and ruby necklaces.

Vibrant colors are your friend, and a crimson wedding gown might be exactly what you need to make your statement. Do not forget to find a gown with a dazzling silhouette that will help you stand out among the bridesmaids. This fall, women will be wearing dramatic bustiers to achieve this effect.

No matter what kind of look you are aiming for, you want to find a dress with embellishments that speak to your personality. Look for crystals that emphasize the best parts of your body. You can also look for floral embellishments, but be aware that you should be looking for flowers that are realistic. Layers with textures can also take a drab, simple dress to the next level.

If you want to accessorize your dress, consider purchasing a simple belt. If you are feeling crafty, consider adding your own embellishments to personalize your look. It is easy to overlook lace, but you should reconsider it. Many brides brush it off as old-fashioned, but there are certainly ways you can work it into a modern gown, especially against a bare back.

One of the newest bridal innovations is the dress that can transform from wedding gown to reception dress. You can purchase the ball gown you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl and the cocktail dress that you can dance in. You will not have to worry about ruining the dress of your dreams while you dance, eat and cut the cake.

Some brides prefer to look natural and fresh-faced, however there are those who want to achieve a dramatic look for their wedding pictures. Fall makeup styles often involve smokey, charcoal eyes with subtle shadowing.

No matter which style of gown, shoes, makeup or hair brides choose this season, femininity continues to remain a strong point. With the right accessories and gown, you can look ethereal, flashy, mysterious or festive. It all comes down to choosing the right dress.