What is a proxy and how to choose it

Proxy is a universal technology used for different purposes, such as hiding the IP address, ensuring the data privacy, or visiting blocked resources. All this can be done with ease — you can buy Pakistan web proxy on soax.com and enjoy the free and safe Internet. We will tell you about the necessity and rules of selecting a proxy.

What a proxy is used for?

Proxy is a very useful technology solving a lot of problems for ordinary users. That’s why we will focus on this topic in more detail.


Proxies interact with Internet resources, so they have no information about who is actually requesting data. This allows you to protect yourself from targeted advertising based on the products you view.

Access to blocked resources

Site blocking and content restrictions are set by IP addresses, the unique identifiers used by every device on the Internet. The intermediate server hides the real IP, so a user can visit a site blocked in their country.

Filtering and control

Proxy can be used for both lifting restrictions and blocking specific resources. For example, it is used in a corporate network to block access to social media and file storages. Another option is not to restrict access to resources but to monitor who visits them and how much time they spend there.


Proxy servers allow you to send requests from different regions and devices. You can evaluate how your site’s loading speed and content display change and improve your resource.

Promotion on the Internet

To work with SEO, SMM, and analytics, you have to make many requests to search engines and deal with several accounts in social networks at once. Resources can restrict access and even give out a ban for this. You can avoid this using proxies.


An intermediary computer redirecting the traffic can protect it against hacker attacks and viruses. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the owner of the proxy server (especially if it is free and public) will handle user data conscientiously. That’s why it is important to contact reliable providers.

How to choose a proxy

To choose the right proxy there are several steps to follow:

  1. Consider the task. An ordinary browser extension may work for accessing a banned site. But if you need to promote several accounts in social networks, you will probably need to have the entire pool of proxies: anonymous, resident, and dedicated.
  2. Study geography. The further away the server is from the location of the end user, the lower the performance is. Choose IP addresses in your own or neighboring country.
  3. Pay attention to warranty and support. It is convenient if the server allows you to test the proxy and replace it if something goes wrong, helps with selection and setup, and gives tips on how to use it.
  4. View ratings, reviews, and reputation. Take into account the opinions and experience of other users, not just the words of proxy owners.

When choosing a proxy, pay attention to the additional functions: blocking potentially malicious scripts, advertising banner filtering, encryption, etc