When is the Best Time to Apply a Scar Removal Cream?

If you have been involved in a serious car accident, cut yourself deep by a sharp object, burnt yourself or seriously grazed yourself on a rough surface, you will likely end up with some level of skin damage. With or without using any medication, the body starts to repair and heal itself moments later. The end result is a scar.

A scar is inevitable aftermath after an injury to the skin. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a scar that is barely visible and one that can easily be hidden. Unfortunately, others may end up with scars that remain quite conspicuous after their incident.

This may cause you to feel cautious when the area is exposed. You may lack confidence in yourself when, for example, you look at yourself in the mirror. So what can you do to help the situation?

Ever heard of scar removal creams?

Scar removal creams are made to help fade the scar and make it less visible. Here are situations when you need to apply scar removal creams:

When the wound has stopped itching or being painful

If the wound from your accident was deep, the damage is likely to be also extensive. The healing process is a very intricate one. As a result, it may take longer for your body to completely close and heal the wound.

If you use scar removal cream before the wound totally heals, you are introducing foreign substances into your body through your wound. This is likely to end up as an infection. By using scar removal cream before your wound stops itching or feeling painful you not only risk having an even larger scar but you’ll also place your life at risk.

When The Wound Is No Longer Swollen

The wound may have stopped hurting and you also don’t feel itchy. But when you look at it and notice that it’s still swollen, then it’s not the best time to use scar removal cream.

Having a swollen wound means that the body isn’t yet done with the repair and healing process. As such, you will notice that the wound keeps changing color, the skin on that area keeps peeling or the swelling/inflammation keeps changing shape. Wait until the wound is healed and flat for you to put on some scar removal cream.

When there’s no scab visible and the wound is closed

Once your wound heals, you’ll notice that dry rough crusty skin forms on top of the affected area. This is what is known as scab. It signifies the final stages of the healing process. You will often notice that it can sometimes feel itchy and blood or puss may come out if you scratch on it excessively.

This can give way to bacteria and other impurities to gain access to the wound and cause an infection. It is, therefore, a good idea to wait until the scab has completely peeled itself and when the wound is totally closed for you to apply any lotion, makeup, petroleum jelly or Scar removal cream.

After you’ve finished your meds

If your wound was quite deep, you received stitches or you suffered a wound infection, you may have spent some time in the hospital getting treatment. Probably you were given a course of antibiotics and protective ointments to use as you slowly heal. It is always advisable to wait until you have finished your meds and your wound has healed to now go ahead and start using scar removal cream.

Collagen, a protein that’s naturally produced by the body, is responsible for repairing and closing wounds in the human body. A scar forms as a result of collagen doing its job to try and keep your skin intact and to keep bacteria from penetrating and causing infection.

You may be eager to see your skin return to normal but it is crucial to wait until the scar is totally healed in order to use a scar removing cream. This scar cream on Amazon is very effective at alleviating the appearance of scars.

But in order for you to realize good results, they must be used at the right time. If you aren’t sure whether or not your wound is healed enough, first visit your doctor and let him give you the go-ahead for you to start using scar removal creams.