25 When Life Gives You Lemons Quotes to Help Weather the Bad Times

The “when life gives you lemons quotes” are straightforward depictions of our lives. They are all about turning a negative experience into something that gives way to a positive re-direction. Let us look into the popular and sensible quotes and explore their message.

The popular life quotes

Accept and Adapt


If you’re living a life that you do not desire, learn to accept it and find ways to be happy. Know how to deal the hands played on you. And instead of sulking in your bed, figure out how you can make the most out of your life. Live your life and adapt to your new world with utter grace.

Fight your problems

There will be times when you are faced with so many problems, you just want to give up. But don’t let your nemesis win. Fight your problems, break them into pieces and solve them. Then celebrate life as you defeat your own demons, and you give peace to yourself. Find solutions to your burdens, and face your troubles straight ahead.

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Dark tunnel of negativity

Deluding yourself of what is truly happening to you is not making things better. You may be emotionally handicapped, but recognizing your personal problems is a good start to getting better. Determine the source of your issues, and face it with courage. That’s the only way that you can move on to a better life.

Positive transition

If society expects you to become a failure due to your history, you prove them wrong. Do good and achieve great things in your career. Show them that you are more than your past and you are better than most people. And then enjoy life as you watch your antagonists watch you reach the pedestal of success.

U-Turn for the better

When you are faced with a huge problem, face it head on and emerge from your difficult situation victorious. There will always be people who envy your positive disposition in life. Let them see how strong you are as you come out unscathed from whatever life throws at you. And even if you are hurting inside, show the world a brave face and move on.

Taste of their own medicine

They say revenge is not a good thing. But when you are criticized and wrongly abused, you cannot let yourself sit back and take the blows. When you know that you’re right, fight for your dignity. Let your enemies get the taste of their own medicine by throwing back at them what they threw at you. Dig some dirt on them and expose their true colors.

Know when to leave

Being in a relationship is comforting and supposed to be a happy experience. But when you are partnered with a guy who only brings you so much pain emotionally and physically, then leave. You need to value your life and believe that there is someone better for you. That might sound as a cliché, but it’s true. Take the first step of freedom from pain. Pack your bags. Leave.

Choose your battles

If you find yourself caught in a situation where you can never win, then get out. It is better to choose your battles than stay and lose. Don’t be a martyr over something that is not worth it. Remember, martyrs die young. Live a full life and exchange your problems with a positive outlook.

Accept and improvise

Receiving a gift is cool, no matter how much you love or hate what’s inside. The same goes with your challenges. When you are faced with challenges, accept them and find ways to make things better. Be resourceful enough to accept whatever is thrown at you, and prove to yourself that you can overcome it. Trust me, you’ll come out of it even stronger.

See the positive side

Do not cower when you are in a problematic situation. Instead of treating your problem as a negative blow in your life, look for ways to counter it. Use your problems to direct you to a positive effect. Turn your negativity into something positive, something you can use to advance in life. Do not hate your problems. Instead, take them as challenges that will test your resolve.

Find common ground

Losing someone hurts like hell. But the truth is, you’re alive. You have to move on. Find a grievance counseling group and join them, and you all accept your fate and move forward. It is never easy to face reality, and life can get very tough. But with new friends by your side, you’ll get over it in time.

Sweeten life up

Your parents work hard to save money to send you to college. Of course they have the right to make the decision as to what course you will take. And since you are an obedient child, you do their bidding, even though you have passion for something. But don’t get discouraged. Get a pen and paper, and write down all the cool jobs you can land once you graduate. Check out the salary. That will certainly brighten you up.

Prepare to fight back

If your boss hates your guts and transfers you to a department that is lower than your standards, fight back. Your qualifications and credentials are higher than the new position, so don’t be afraid to speak up and fight. Go to the higher management if needed, but don’t just accept what is unfair. Fight for your right and your career.

Smile at your problems

Problems will always find ways to enter your life. As humans, we will never be rid of challenges since that is what life is about. We are given issues to spice up our routine, but we can find methods to overcome them. Instead of wallowing over bad things, we should wipe our tears and put a smile to our face. Let’s show the world that we are strong enough to get on with life.

Learn to delegate

In the office, you are in-charge of your employees. And so when your boss from headquarters gives you a project but you are swamped with work, you must delegate. Give the project to your associate and be free from it. That way, your department can still complete the work, but not just done by you. End result is, you’re happy, your boss is happy.

Free gifts

Having a stalker is a scary prospect, and you are right to feel afraid to walk alone in the streets at night. But if your stalker sends you expensive gifts, you simply cannot throw them away. Rather, look for a positive side and accept the gifts and enjoy them. And call the police to apprehend your stalker and file for a restraining order.

Seeking support

If your boyfriend is being an ass and cheats on you, go to his family and cry your heart out. They may not do anything since he is part of their family, but at least you get emotional support. Plus, you get to inform his family what kind of a man he is. Then leave your boyfriend and find someone else.

Go with the flow

Road accidents are common occurrence, and they cause injuries and fatalities. If you have been unlucky to be involved in a road collision and survives, be thankful. You had a very bad day, but at least you are alive. Always look for a positivity in every negative situation. That’s the only way that you can move forward and live happily. Never let downfalls discourage you from reaching your life goals.

Your life, your choice

Life sucks sometimes. You get problems left and right, and everywhere you turn, challenges awaits. But hey, it’s your life. You choose how you want to live it, and you select ways to make it better. You need to decide how you counter your ill fate. But you need to face the world and fight for your right to live in this earth.

Involve others

It is not easy dealing with your problems alone. Do not be scared to ask for help. You have family and friends who can help you sort things out. Don’t shut the world out if you are going through something extremely difficult. Involve others with your quest, and get the help you clearly need. Who knows, other people may solve your problems for you.

Drink up and move forward

It is quite normal human behavior to wallow in self-pity when things are going wring for them. If you want to drown your sorrows with alcohol, then do so. Let your heart feel the pain and allow alcohol to numb your feelings. But once you’re done, deal with your hangover in the morning and stand up and face the day.

Juggling is fun

Just imagine a life of complete peace. There is no bad people, no cheaters, gamblers, thieves, and no problems. Imagine there are no challenges and issues. At firsts, that life is great. But it gets boring and uneventful. Problems are part of living, and you must learn how to face your issues and find positivity in everything. Life is meaningful with challenges.


The difficulties that we go through in life must not hold us back. Instead of treating hardships as misfortunes, let us face them with courage and look for the brighter side. After all, there is always a reason for everything. Let us never let negativity rule our lives. Rather, it is better to always look forward to the positive side.