Where Are the Most Affordable Cities to Spend a Day In? 

Despite travel being considered an expensive hobby to have, there are numerous destinations around the world that offer an affordable city break with just as much culture, great dining and brilliant experiences on offer. These are five of the cheapest destinations you can spend a day in according to Starling Bank who recently did a study on the cost of living in various cities around the globe to find out where you can spend a day, go for dinner etc, for the lowest amount of money.


The vibrant city of Istanbul is a great city break destination and also one of the cheapest places you can spend a day in. The cost of a day here is £35.51, including hotel stays which come in at £18.07 a night on average. Istanbul has a rich history and an inspiring culture, with the top attractions including the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar – tickets to attractions here cost just £3.92 on average. One of the main benefits of Istanbul is that you can explore a wide range of attractions easily, as the public transport is incredibly affordable at £0.74 for a round trip. 


Cairo is a must for those who are fascinated with history, with ancient Egyptian wonders such as the Pyramid of Djoser and Gizeh Plateau, among many others available to visit. A day spent experiencing Cairo will cost you £29.22 on average, so it’s great for budget travel. Hotels here cost around £14.42 on average while dining costs £10.35 for your meals for the day. If you want to hit the landmarks, an entrance ticket costs around £3.96 on average, while public transport is a steal at £0.49 for a round trip.


Beijing has a lot to offer the budget traveller and at £41.78 per day, it’s a destination that won’t break your budget, howver it should be noted that China can be one of the more expensive places to travel to for a holiday, but the cost is relatively low once you’re in China. You can explore the city easily with a round trip using the public transport costing only £0.94 and a hotel stay at the end of the night is incredibly inexpensive at £23.99. Food is often one of the areas that people overspend on but luckily, you can eat really well here on a budget, with three meals in Beijing costing around £10.53 on average. The city of Beijing is packed with attractions to explore, making it an exciting destination to visit as well as an affordable one, with sights such as the Great Wall of China and Tiananmen Square. A ticket to an attraction such as this will cost around £6.32 on average.


Bangkok is another relatively inexpensive city to spend a day in, an average day experiencing what Bangkok has to offer will run you about £43.36. Bangkok is an excellent destination of choice for those more inclined to party, as a glass of beer or wine will only cost about £2.13, allowing for cheap nights out in Bangkok’s amazing nightlife scene and better yet the fast food meal you get on your way home from the party will only cost about £4.77. 

Kuala Lumpur 

You can spend a day in Kuala Lumpur for as little as £40.32, with a host of attractions and eateries to enjoy while you’re there. Hotel stays in this city will set you back around £25.33, but the area where you’ll save the most pennies is in dining – your meals for the day will cost around £8.76 which is one of the lowest costs for food of any city studied. Transport is also relatively inexpensive compared to many big cities, with a round trip costing £1.18. Kuala Lumpur has a great list of sights to visit, including the Batu Caves and Dataran Merdeka, with tickets to attractions costing just over £5.


One of the cheapest cities you can visit is Delhi, with an average cost of £28.22 for a day. This culturally rich city provides a host of attractions to enjoy, from Mehrauli Archaeological Park to the Red Fort. Attraction tickets cost around £3.21 on average while dining will cost you just £8.52. Accommodation in Delhi is also really inexpensive, with the average cost of a night in a hotel setting you back around £15.80. When it comes to exploring the city, the public transport here is the best option if you’re on a budget, as a round trip will cost you only £0.69.