Why you should make Malaysia your next destination

Located in the Asia-Pacific region, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country located on the Malay Archipelago and the island of Borneo. Nestled in between Thailand and Singapore, this tropical paradise blends both colonial charm with that of modern urbanization.

Home to more than 32 million residents of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian descent, Malaysia is a literal melting pot of cultures. Often overlooked in favor of Vietnam or Thailand, Malaysia offers a unique folksy charm that has enraptured more than one traveler.

So if you’re looking to plan your next travel destination, why not visit Malaysia. With friendly, beautiful people and exotic cuisine all with a charming tropical backdrop, Malaysia is the perfect place for couples, families and even solo travelers.

So, put on your sunscreen and get ready to explore beautiful Malaysia.

  1. Malaysians are super-friendly and charming

The thing that stands out most about Malaysia is the diversity of its residents. Since the 15th century, Malaysia or Malaya as it was previously known was the target of Portuguese, Dutch, Siamese and English ambitions.

It’s unique location on the straits of Malacca meant that Malaya occupied a crucial point along the spice trade routes. This coupled with years of intermarriage between native Malay, Chinese, Indian and European residents have made Malaysians extremely friendly and welcoming.

Walking the streets of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be absolutely surprised by how friendly Malaysians can truly be. While initially shy, Malaysians have been described as being warm and welcoming once the ice has been broken.

Alongside this, most Malaysians are fairly conversant in English which makes getting around easier. However, understanding a few basic Malay phrases can help things move along smoothly.

  1. Malaysian cuisine is absolutely out of this world

Makan or to eat in Malay is quite likely the most commonly said word in Malaysia. It is often said that Malaysians spend most of their time eating or talking about eating. With such a rich cultural heritage, it’s no surprise that eating is widely regarded as the national Malaysian past time.

From Borneo to Peninsular Malaysia, each individual Malaysian state boasts its own selection of specialty dishes that must be tried to be believed.

Just as diverse as her residents are, Malaysian cuisine features a unique blend of tastes and spices accumulated over a lifetime of integration.

Take Malaysia’s national dish of nasi lemak as an example; rice cooked in rich coconut milk served alongside a spicy sauce with anchovies and eaten with a selection of dishes cooked in spices.

With a rich street food culture, Malaysian cuisine has been described as being a literal explosion of intense colors and flavors unseen anywhere else.

If you needed more convincing, perhaps words of the late, great Anthony Bourdain will do the trick. When asked why no Malaysian restaurants made it on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list, the late, great Anthony Bourdain responded with, “Now you don’t have anything to worry about. That list is just bull****.

  1. Malaysia is home to a variety of amazing travel destinations

Besides the amazing people and delicious food, Malaysia is also known all over the world as a rich tropical paradise. From the glittering capital city of Kuala Lumpur with it’s raging nightlife and night markets to pristine jungle resorts in the interior, Malaysia has everything for the avid traveler.

Looking to relax by the beach and soak up some sun? Why not head over to Terengganu with its gorgeous beach villas, chalets and resorts. Enjoy the local seafood and sandy beaches while taking in everything that Malaysia has to offer you.

If you’re into breathtaking jungle vistas, you can always visit East Malaysia where the states of Sabah and Sarawak are based. The City of Kuching derives its name from the Malay word for cat which perhaps explains why the city has something of an affinity for felines.

With colonial architecture harking back to the days of James Brooke and plenty of charming riverside cafes, Kuching seamlessly blends together nature and civilization. Malaysia is also a well-known destination among golfers, since it offers good conditions, whether you are a golf betting enthusiast or just a newbie at the sport.

However, the most popular sports are football (soccer in USA), badminton, sepak takraw, rugby and hockey. In case you are wondering, sepak takraw is a sport played with a rattan ball, widely popular in the Southeast Asia, that mixes football and volleyball all together.

Idyllic and charming, these are just some of the many reasons why Malaysia should be your next holiday destination.