Winter Fashion: Add color to your winter wardrobe

Hanneli Mustaparta (Model)

The winter approaches and many think that it is the time to forget all the colors in your life and bundle up. Winters are a bleak season in terms of the color it brings. You see women clad in all black, grays and browns. Thus, it is best that you bring color in your wardrobe and! Do not listen to people when they say that fancy winter wear does not make the chill go away. Any kind of woolens will make your chilly days warm irrespective of its color and design.

  • Always stay away from dressing up completely in one color like grays, blacks and browns. Even if you are wearing a big black sweater or brown pants then add a hint of color to break that monotony. Wear an orange or pink scarf or a broad belt to accentuate your outfit.
  • The best thing to do is to wear colorful accessories like color full gloves, scarves etc. Do not go over board with colors which makes you look like a pink bubble gum but make sure there is some element of color and interesting texture in each outfit.
  • Never wear something which makes you uncomfortable. No matter how hot you look in your woolen mini skirt, do not wear it just like that. Team it up with a stockings or long boots so that you keep the chill out. To look more colorful, wear purple stockings under your black mini skirt, or wear red ones under a brown skirt! These days you can even find stockings with cute patterns, which add an element of interest in any outfit.
  • Always see that you have appropriate footwear. Go for sexy books or colorful sneakers which make you look oh so cool. Make sure if you are wearing sneakers you wear socks so that you keep the blisters away.
  • If you live in a place which has a wet winter it is better to carry a transparent coat or an over coat (if it snows). These things save you from getting sudden chills when you are outside. Choose nice bright colors, with lots of pocket or cute buttons to look more fashionable.
  • Colorful caps and hat look wonderful and can make you look stylish as well as keep you warm. Same goes for cute woolen mufflers. So get some color and texture in your outfit and show off your taste with style!
  • Chose from a wide range of choices like tweed jackets, leather jackets, and woolen sweaters etc. while black is a staple we all have; invest in a good quality coat in red or purple. Not only will it make you look glamorous, but it will also help you stand out in a crowd. Choose a cut and shape that suits your body type. From trench coats, belted coats to pea coats – choose whatever suits your fancy.
  • When choosing boots make sure you chose the right ones. If you are of a short height make sure you wear only ankle length boots, but if you are tall you can easily wear knee length boots which make people stare at your long sexy legs. If you are skinny go for the look which is teamed with a cigarette jeans and knee length boots. If you are on the heavier side go for ankle length boots and long woolen skirts which makes you look steaming hot.
  • Winters bring with them baggy sweaters. You don’t have to give up your favorite sweater in the name of style! If you love lose sweaters that keep you cozy, by all means wear them cinched at the waist with a smart belt. Create your own fashion statement by teaming up the right accessories like belts, handbags, earrings and mittens to create the perfect feminine look.

Winters might be long and chilly. But that only means you have that many options to dress up in different styles and be comfortable. Add to that the wonderful thought that all those layers hide your flab, and winters will soon be your favorite time of the year! Just team up the right colors together and look fashionably comfortable this winter season.