Worlds Most Expensive Perfumes

I think it’s fair to say that most us strive to look good and feel at our best each day whether that’s via makeup, cosmetic surgery nip tucks (some may go a little far with this one) or a really good diet involving healthy eating and lots of exercise. Whatever the desired effect, there are hundreds of products available out there to help us achieve what is perceived as ultimate perfection. But what about smelling good too?

According to scientists, the way we smell effects who is attracted to us and how other people interact with us. When we wear perfume the scent changes slightly from one wearer to another and it’s all to do with how our pheromones react when the perfume is applied. So even if we buy and wear the same scent as some else, they will always smell somewhat different.

Perfume can change our mood and have a positive influence on how we feel about ourselves. But how much would you spend on a typical bottle? £20? £40? Maybe even a little more for a special occasion?

Penelope Cruz looking fab applying her Mascara. I bet she smells great as she can afford the most expensive brands.


But what about celebrities and the uber rich. Do they simply use their own brand of perfume or do they opt for some one else’s entirely? I have a feeling they would opt for the best of the best and not the stuff they put out there for us mere commoners to buy with our tiny budgets.

So here is a list of the most expensive perfumes in the world going by the cost per oz….

10. Chanel, No 5 – $120 per oz


When you mention the most expensive perfumes in the world you don’t perhaps expect this one one to get a mention. However, this Chanel No 5 Parfum is the purest form of the fragrance you can get. Priced at $1850 for an oversized bottle in beautiful crystal, it is a steal compared to most other expensive fragrances and is popular with many Celebrities!

9. Anick Goutal, Eau de Hadrien – $440 per oz


This is Anick Goutal’s fragrance, ‘Eau de Hadrien’ and is priced at $1,500 a bottle. It has a fresh scent of Sicilian lemons, grapefruit and cypress. It also come like others in a limited edition Baccarat crystal bottle.

8. JAR, Bolt of Lightning – $765 per oz


Jewellery Designer Joel A Rosenthal created both Jar perfumes and The Bolt of Lightning fragrance which has a strong yet fresh scent. It comes in a limited edition hand cut glass bottle.

7. Jean Patou, Joy – $800 per oz


Joy by Henri Almeras was created for Parisian Perfumer Jean Patou in 1929 and is considered by many influential people to be one of the best fragrances ever made. With notes of various flowers, it was made to bring clients joy during the wall street crash.

6. Caron, Poive – $1,000 per oz


At $2,000 a 2 oz bottle, Poive by Caron which was originally created in 1954, is a mixture of spicy red and black pepper cloves and other warm spices meaning that the scent can be worn by either sex. It is again a limited edition fragrance in a Baccarat crystal bottle.

5. Hermes, 24 Faubourg – $1,000 per oz


Hermes 24 Faubourg is a $1,500 a bottle lovely feminine fragrance using the scents of rose, iris and orange blossom to make it smell oh so gorgeous. The bottle is made from St.Louis crystal like many other expensive fragrances but it was limited to just 1,000 being released.

4. Clive Christian, Imperial Majesty – $2150 per oz


Clive Christian’s fragrance called Imperial Majesty or as it’s more commonly known, No 1,costs $215,000 a bottle. Is a beautifully created scent in a Baccarat crystal bottle with a 5 carat diamond set on a 18 carat gold collar and there are only 5 left on sale at Harrods and in New York with the creator keeping some back for future use.

3. Baccarats Les Larmas, Sacress de Thebes – $6,800 per oz


The scent, Baccarats Les Larmas Sacress de Thebes, will set you back a whopping $1,700 for a 0.25oz bottle but you better be quick as Harrods only have 6 bottles remaining. The bottle itself is a beautiful cut crystal pyramid with touches of gold and intense purple and the scent itself contains Frankincense and Myrrh.

2. Paco Rabanne,1 Million 18 carat LUXE Edition – $16,000 per oz


This limited edition Paco Rabanne 1Million 18 carat LUXE Edition mens fragrance with the bottle designed by Noe Duclaufour-Lawrence is on sale for a staggering $57,000 a bottle! It is however only available to the select few. The bottle itself has a gold body with a diamond crown, so no wonder it is expensive. The fragrance is a head mix of blood orange, cinnamon, mint, white wood, amber and a few other spices, which makes it a very individual scent indeed!

1. DKNY, Golden Delicious Million Dollar – $1,000,000


DKNY Fragrances and Jewelry Designer Martin Katz teamed up to make the first million dollar perfume, although it only contains the fragrance Delicious not a specially created one. Therefore it’s mainly the bottle that is the expensive bit! Made up from some of the World’s finest precious stones such as diamonds, pink diamonds, ruby, saphire, tourmaline and of course 14 carat gold and white gold, it will be sold at auction with the proceeds going to a good cause.

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