10 beauty brands that support charities

Shopping for beauty products can sometimes be a necessity and other times just a luxury. Whether it’s a moisturizer that allows you to keep your skin young and glowing, a shampoo that keeps your hair strong and shiny or some makeup that enhances your best features, these have probably become part your daily life. You probably rely on a wide range of beauty products to both look good and to feel good, and luckily, nowadays, you have an impressive selection of options to choose from. We know that some celebrities love to donate, but so do beauty brands on the market who have started doing more than just help you look your best. Labels form the beauty industry have directed their attention towards philanthropic initiatives, and by choosing their products yourself, you are also supporting their charitable involvements. Here are 10 beauty brands that have become known for their efforts put in this department:

1. Thrive Causemetics

After the unfortunate events in California when so many homes were destroyed by wildfires, Thrive Causemetics donated 100 percent of their profits made on November 14 to various foundations that were direly linked to this incident. This brand has been built on philanthropy principles since day one, the founder Karissa Bodnar making a promise to make year round donations, as a tribute to losing her friend in the battle against cancer. For every product you purchase from this brand, another is given to someone in need. 

2. Fountain of Truth

Fountain of Truth was developed by Giuliana Rancic, being inspired by her personal story of battling cancer. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10percent of the profits made on a limited edition product were donated to charities raising money for breast cancer care and research. You can follow this brand’s example and support their initiative by becoming one of its consumers.

3. Lancôme

You probably have at least one Lancôme lipstick in your makeup collection. Well, you should know that this brand has made quite the impact in the charity department. Lancôme initiated a collaboration with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital back in 2010 and has managed to raise somewhere around 3 million dollars in funds along these years of partnership. The brand has set as purpose to provide some support to families going through terminal illnesses cases. Plus you can shop at Giving Assistant for Lancôme deals and donate to non-profits. This brand has truly set an example for its competitors and for its consumers as well.

4. Savor Beauty

Savor Beauty has started a lovely initiative of employing mothers who are struggling to get back into the workforce. Through the Dollars and Scents movement, the founder of Savor Beauty hires moms and provides them with free training possibilities. A segment of Fake Cake profits are also directed towards local New York shelters for women.

5. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercer is already widely known on a global leave for the quality of the makeup products brought into the market, so the brand already benefits from high popularity. Well, the brand has designed a highlighter in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and all profits made on this product were directed towards Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund, which support women with ovarian cancer.

6. CircCell

CircCell Skincare works closely with the Nest Foundation for quite some time now. This charity’s purpose is to fight against child sex trade in America. Any oil purchase made from this brand means 5 dollars donated to the foundation.  All of the three oil sold by this brand have been appreciated by beauty gurus, so if you want to improve your skin care routine and be part of their movement in supporting charitable actions, CircCell is the brand for you.

7. Rituals

The Tiny Rituals collections recently launched by this brand might interest you, once you find out that 10 percent of each purchase is donated to The Tiny Miracles Foundation. This charity has as purpose to support children in India and help them get a better chance at life. This brand has dedicated some of its time and effort to support good causes, but the products remain highly appraised, charity work aside.

8. The Lipstick Lobby

The Lipstick Lobby, already famous for its collection of great lipsticks and lip balms, has launched a new product in association with unPrison project as well as female activist Gloria Steinman. The net profits made out of the sale of this brand’s new lip moisturizer go to unPrison Project. This movement has as goal to provide incarcerated women with support on obtaining various life skills necessary once they get out of prison. The brand has shown its dedication on the matter by giving away 100 percent of profits.

9. Beautiful Rights

This brands’ mission has been since day one to bring makeup on the market that stands against status quo and supports women’s rights. The company has partnered up with 8 different organizations, including American Civil Liberties Union. 20 percent out of each product sold is given away to charity. What’s’ great about Beautiful Rights is that the brand gives you the freedom to choose the organization you want to donate to at checkout.

10. M.A.C

It’s admirable to see such a big brand, such as M.A.C, getting involved in charitable work. The Viva Glam collection first launched in 1994 has been developed with the goal of sending profits to the M.A.C  Aids Fund. Now with five different viva glam shades available, all proceeds of the products sold are still directed towards this cause.

It’ impressive to learn just how many popular brands are making donations and supporting charities. The beauty industry in particular encompasses numerous big names that seem to have made a habit out of doing charitable work. These are 10 names you should know about when researching beauty brands that actually give back. Their work has been made public and appreciated by consumers, and for a good reason. When you’re getting your beauty products from labels that have proven their involvement in this department, you are also playing a role here.