When You Look Good You Feel Good: How to Live Your Best Life

Beyonce said it best, “I woke up like this.” That statement may be true for her, but for most of us normal, everyday working women, it takes time to for us to look good and feel good.

TV and magazine stars and models make everything look so easy. From their personal trainers to their hair and makeup artists that get to travel with them everywhere they go. In reality, it’s not that easy, and we certainly did not “wake up like that.”

Every woman enjoys getting pampered and dolled up. It doesn’t have to be for anyone in particular…it can be for ourselves.

Looking good not only turns heads, but it also boosts your confidence. Confidence is something that can be seen by men or women and it’s also something that looks good on anyone.

Not all days are good days, but we’re going to look at some ways to make sure the good days outweigh the bad. Here are some good habits that you can pick up to live your best life, while looking and feeling good doing it.

Make Up Your Bed Every Morning

Making up your bed may sound like it’s not that big of a deal, but it indeed improves your life. When you wake up in the morning and make up your bed, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It also sets the tone for the rest of your day. For most people, it makes them feel like they can really get their day started. Look at it as though it’s your first accomplishment of the day, and your other goals for the day are limitless.

You may not realize this, but when you make up your bed, it subconsciously forces you to keep the rest of your room clean as well. Removing some of the clutter off of your dresser, or picking up your shoes from the floor and putting them in your closet, may be some chores that would come naturally to you after making up your bed.

Another aspect to making up your bed is the feel of crisp sheets. There’s just something about getting into a bed that’s been made with high quality sheets that makes you feel good. Almost as though the bed was made just for you, and you were made just for your bed.

When your mind and body are at rest, you tend to sleep better. This leads to a refreshed, smiling face and overall good mood. Some people are perfectly fine around chaos, but most people find it very hard to feel calm and relaxed in their bed when they’re surrounded by clutter and disorganization.

A properly made bed makes your entire bedroom look put together and gives off a peaceful vibe. You’re bed doesn’t have to be made up to hotel standards, but simply neat. This will show that you care about yourself and your belongings.

Think of walking into a hotel room. The first thing you see is the bed. A neatly made hotel bed just makes you want to run and jump on it! Now, think of walking into a hotel room and seeing an unmade bed. How would that make you feel? It will probably make you feel uneasy, and definitely make you not want to get into that bed.

So don’t “sleep” on how making up your bed everyday makes you feel good. Taking a few minutes out of your morning routine to make up your bed is definitely a worthwhile trade-off for a great start to your day.


You’ve heard the term “your health is your wealth?” That statement is very true. Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to go and kill yourself at the gym each day. You actually don’t have to go to the gym at all for exercise. The benefits of exercise go way beyond the realms of weight loss and muscle tone.

People use all kinds of different methods for exercise. Some prefer the outdoors. Walking in your neighborhood, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even a workout video at home are all forms of exercise. There’s also different classes you can take. Zumba, yoga, and even pole fitness can produce the same results as a trip to the gym or a brisk walk outside. Whichever exercise method you choose, the overall goal is to look good and feel good.

When you exercise, your heart rate increases and you begin to sweat. That sweat your body produces can act as a facial, without the high price. When you sweat, your pores expand and allow the release of dirt and oil. This in turn, will give your skin a “glow.”

The glow you get from exercise makes you look good, and as a result, will also boost your confidence, making you feel good. You’ll have a little more pep in your step! Not only will you gain a more slim and trim physique, but your overall outlook on yourself will improve.

Of course, we’ve all looked in the mirror and not liked what we’ve seen or how we felt. The negative views of self image can impact one’s self immensely. With that being said, we are our own solution to that problem. Exercise releases endorphins that give you the feeling of a natural high. The interaction of the endorphins with the receptors of your brain gives a positive and almost euphoric feeling all throughout your body. This feeling can improve your mood drastically. So if you or someone you know is in a seemingly bad mood, go for a quick jog…your body and mood will be thankful.

When you’re confident, your body gives off a certain appeal and charisma. This also makes your own feeling of self-worth increase. You may even notice that you slouch less and stand taller. All of these positive vibes your body is experiencing through exercise also aids in reducing stress.

Stress, anxiety, and worrying all drain your body of energy, and are absolute mood killers. When you are stressed out, it can be seen all over your face and in your body language. Your confidence levels are depleted, and you can make yourself sick over stress.

So, the next time work has you stressed, try going to the gym or taking a brisk walk in your neighborhood. They say the best time to workout is when you least feel like it. The hardest part of working out is getting to it. For gym-goers, the hardest part may be actually getting to the gym. Once you’re there, all you have to do is workout. It’s all in your head.

For those who prefer exercise options outside of the gym, the hard part may be getting home and getting dressed for it. The comfort of home can be very tricky when it comes to exercising. You have to have it in your mind to come home and get straight to business. Don’t give in to the temptation of the couch!

Build Your Wardrobe

Retail therapy is what they call it. Shopping is fun, and it’s very empowering when you spend your own hard earned money. There may be a pair of heels you saw in a store that would go perfectly with a dress in your closet. You’ve had that dress for a few months now, but haven’t found the right shoes to wear with it, so you decided to not wear it until you found the perfect shoes for it.

That pair of heels could be a staple in your closet and a conversation piece at gatherings! Having clothes that make you look good, definitely makes you feel good. This boost in confidence will make you perform in all aspects of your life. This can be linked to dressing for success.

Dressing for success doesn’t necessarily have to be for the workplace. Although, dressing for success in the workplace does tend to increase your productivity levels and boost the overall mood of one’s self. A new pair of closed-toe heels with a set of pearl earrings can make or break an interview. Regardless of the position, you can’t expect an employer to take anyone seriously who isn’t taking them seriously.

Getting a new outfit for a date can also be fitting of dressing for success. Someone dressing appropriately for a date would have the goal of going on a successful date that can and will lead to a second date. Of course, you have to add your own flare of great conversation to the outfit in order for the date to be successful. You can’t be sitting at a dinner date looking fabulous with absolutely nothing to bring to the table.

Your clothes are not only closet staples, but they’re also social opportunities. When someone compliments you on an article of clothing you have on, they typically want to know where you shopped to get that statement piece. This will then spark conversation. You of course want to thank them for the compliment, but then share your shopping secrets.

The most important aspect of a compliment is how the compliment made you feel. It should have made you feel amazing!

Everyone enjoys being on the receiving end of a compliment. When someone gives you a compliment, it’s an ode to your personal style. A compliment says “I like the way you think.” Putting a certain pair of shoes with a certain dress really allows you to showcase your creativity and individuality…getting complimented on it should send your confidence into overdrive!

Another reason of how building your wardrobe makes you feel good is the independence aspect of it. Have you ever gone shopping by yourself? Shopping by yourself can be very therapeutic. You’re on your own time, and you don’t have to worry about spending too much time or not enough time in a particular store.

Going shopping with your friends can definitely be fun. You can get their opinions on how things look on you, and it does help to have a second or third eye to tell you the truth. Sometimes they can see what you can’t. They can also be the cause of indecisiveness. When you shop alone, you can typically go into a store and make a decision on whether or not you like a piece and whether or not you are going to buy that piece…friends can cloud that judgement.

Shopping solo allows you to take your time and wander aimlessly through the mounds of clothes and shoes. You can also take the time out to try on clothes without feeling rushed to do so. Nothing’s worse than buying an outfit and trying it on at home and it doesn’t fit. This would mean another trip to the mall, along with the hassles of the exchange process, and the possibility of the outfit being sold out or not in your size anymore.

New Year New You

Albert Einstein is known for defining insanity as doing the same thing and expecting different results. I think he might have been on to something with that…

Although we’re well into 2018, that’s no excuse to not try something new, especially if it’s for self improvement. Whether you’re wanting to take up exercising or start your day out right by making your bed up every morning, the important part is that you are trying.

You don’t have to run a marathon. It’s about the journey of making it to the finish line. Maybe your start will be joining a gym, while the next person’s start may be purchasing the new yoga video. Self care is the common denominator in both equations. When you take care of you, your body will do the rest.

So put on your smile and splash on some confidence. We can look and feel just as good as the people we see on TV and in magazines…we may not live the Beyonce lifestyle and simply “wake up like this,” but that’s ok…we are natural beauties.