10 Of The Wildest Ways To Get Married

So, you like doing things differently and you won’t compromise even if it is your wedding? Even though, you want to do it differently; you have run out of ideas? Listed below are a few ideas, see if you find them any helpful.

1. An airplane wedding

All right, all right, it is over the top and you have to be super rich for this but why not! You don’t get married time and again. And it is going to be a once in a life time experience for you. So, get an airplane booked for yourself with a bar and food inside it. Do not forget to take the priest with you or else you will never be married.

Yes, this is a little difficult; so, plan well in advance if you want to go for this and look at the number of seats on board so that you can invite people accordingly. You will have to talk to a lot of officials and airline authorities in order to get this done. It will also require you to spend a bomb. So, if you are up for this then be ready to undergo a lot of trouble to set everything up. But remember, once through, you are going to remember this wedding forever.


2. Wedding inside the helicopter

Like it has been mentioned before, the airplane requires a lot of trouble but you could ditch that and do a helicopter. A helicopter will require you to have fewer friends and family around. Depending upon the number of people you want around, book a chopper with enough seats for one and all. Get a priest on board as well. After all, he is the one to get you married. It is good to have food and drinks at the wedding but if you opt for a chopper wedding then it is best that you cater to food and drink on landing.


3. Get married in the forest

Go wild literally! With nature all around you, what can get wilder than getting married in the forest? You can make friends and family sit on the grass parapet to get the real and actual feel of things. You could serve food on leaves and keep the bar on a wooden stand. It should feel like a forest wedding. You can also set aside a section for rain dance. Though, do not forget to get a cover for your guests, lest it actually rains.

4. Marriage on a banana boat?

How does that sound? You, your better half and the priest on the banana boat, amidst the water. Already getting an adrenaline rush down the spine? It got to be fun with the priest and the boat sailing amidst the sea and you can very well float in the sea after you are done with the vows. It has got to be the most beautiful and the craziest wedding by far.

5. Marriage on the deck of a ship

Titanic makes the romance hormones go crazy in all of us; what could be more romantic then getting married on the deck of a ship. Water on all sides and you in the center; it has got to feel awesome. Arranging a bar and food on the deck is no big deal, it can all be done very easily. Arrange for the best ever sea food you can and the best drinks that you can get. And your wedding will be the most awesome ever.

6. Wedding in a yacht or a boat

So, you find banana boat, more adventurous than necessary and the ship is too conventional for you. Maybe, you should try a boat or a yacht. Wedding yachts are available in a large number of places and organizing it is going to be very easy, unlike the other wild weddings. So, with a yacht wedding you can go wild and over the top without going through much trouble.


7. Wedding on a road trip

Like traveling a lot and can never get enough of it? Always fancied an out of the box wedding? Why not make the 2 of them go hand in hand and get married while on a road trip. Take a bike or a car and go ahead with your friends and family on a road trip. Few of the best places to get married and do a road trip on are Ladakh & Leh in India, Los Angeles & Chicago in Mumbai, Any part of Spain or Singapore etc.  Travel from one spot to another in lots of cars, buses, trucks and whatever vehicles are comfortable for you with your friends. You can play music while on your way and dance whilst travelling as well. What better way to get married than this?


8. Getting married on Mt. Everest

It is not for no reason that it is called the highest mountain in the world. If you are up for it then you can climb all the way. In order to do the climb on Mount Everest you will have to undergo special training. If not arrange for a chopper to drop you at the top and get married over there. If you are this adventurous then you should also have the bone to convince the priest for the same. What you want to do with your friends and family that you will have to decide. As wild as an idea this is, you will have to think about it. Think on it hard and if you feel you are up for something as dare devil as a wedding on Mt. Everest then go for it.


9. The mythological wedding

Every culture has its own mythology, it’s own past. The mythological way of getting married is a wee bit different from the modern times. So, why wait for it? You want different anyway, right? Plus, you get to wear cool dresses and also, make your friends and family wear awesome dresses. Doesn’t it sound amazing in itself?


10. A strip club?

Are you up for it? How can we miss a strip club when we’re talking of wild? It has to be the most most most adventurous wedding ever and it goes without saying. However, it will be difficult to get your parents involved into this type of wedding. You will have to explain a lot of things to a lot of people before you actually go through with this.

But then, adventure never comes easy, does it?