10 Wedding Tasks You Certainly Don’t Want to Forget

With your wedding day in sight, there seem to be hundreds of things to think about at every turn. Regardless of how fabulous your wedding planner is, there are certain tasks that you certainly don’t want to forget. Check out our list of the top 10 things that can help save you time, stress, and money in the run-up to your big day.


You’ve found your ideal wedding venue that ticks all the boxes, but have you considered how everyone will get there? A venue with parking is a definite plus, but guests that drive won’t be able to enjoy your signature cocktail.

Booking a shuttle service for your guests can have a lot of benefits. It will ease up on limited parking options, it will allow your guests to have a few drinks, and significantly lower their expenses if they planned to order a taxi or Uber. Out-of-town guests will also appreciate the extra assistance, as will your venue in getting stragglers out before their curfew.

Welcome packs

Pinterest is full of elaborate welcome packs that look like they cost a fortune to put together. While this is great if you can afford it, you don’t need to blow your budget to show your out-of-town guests that you care.

It is challenging to give each of your guests the attention they desire, and though you also would love to spend hours catching up, there will be a ton of things to do. Consider making welcome packs that include the following:

  • A personal, handwritten note
  • A polite list of people to call for advice, other than you
  • A small souvenir from your destination or hometown, such as a postcard or magnet
  • Recommendations for location restaurants and what to do in the area
  • A wedding itinerary
  • Snacks are always a welcome addition

Tours and Activities

If you have several out-of-town guests arriving for your wedding, then planning for some pre or post-wedding tours and activities can be a fantastic ice breaker and a way to see the local sights. If you have time to join in the fun, then you won’t need to worry as much on your wedding day about catching up with everyone. Alternatively, consider splitting up and having your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and future husband each take the lead.


It is easy to get rundown and forget about your well-being during the run-up to your wedding. You’re likely working extra hours to finish tasks at your job and ensure you have as much holiday time racked up as possible. However, you don’t want to look exhausted or sick on your wedding day or honeymoon. Think about signing up for Felix Health Blog so that you will be reminded to make your health and well-being a priority.


An increasing number of couples are opting to have an unplugged wedding, and we have to say that we agree with the trend. Not everyone wants their ‘I dos’ posted live on Instagram for the world to see either. If you would rather guests put their phones away, then be sure to tell them with appropriate signage and have your officiant remind everyone before you start.


Whether you want children at your wedding or not is a personal choice and one that will likely ruffle a few feathers either way. However, if you decide to have the little ones there, be sure to make a specific plan for them. If the kids are happy, then their parents will also have a great time. See if your venue has an area designated for kids and if they are willing to do a kid-friendly menu. You can also hire a babysitting service, put on some movies, or prepare activities that will make sure everyone has a fantastic experience.

Photography List

You may have hired the best wedding photographer in your state, but this doesn’t mean that they know you personally. Set aside time to speak to your photographer in advance about the style of photos that you and your future spouse prefer.

If you have specific people you want to get pictures with, ensure there is a detailed list. Weddings are often the only time that all of your siblings will be together, or multiple generations, for years to come. Ideally, ask for one of your family or friends who knows everyone to assist your photographer in rounding people up.

Wedding Favors

The Pinterest rabbit hole is so easy to go down when it comes to wedding favors. However, it’s the thought that counts rather than the expense. Think about what is meaningful for both you and your fiancé. Do you have any shared hobbies or common interests? Did you meet overseas? Think about a memory and how you could make it into a wedding favor. For example, if you marry a Canadian, some maple syrup candies could be a great addition.

Thank You Speech

You’re finally hitched, you’ve had a few glasses of champagne, and now it’s time for your speech as husband and wife. You’re full of nerves and also can’t wait to knock back another glass. This is the time to thank everyone from your parents to your wedding planning publicly and everyone in between, so you don’t want to go blank.

Ensure that you have a list of people to thank and a short anecdote for each. Run it through a few times with your spouse so that you both know who is going to say what. If you are not the type for talking in public, keep a list but offer a thank you in person or ask that the best man mention a few.


Many of your wedding vendors have been with you since the beginning planning stages and have kept you sane throughout the process. You certainly don’t want to be stressed and running around trying to find cash on your wedding day, so get this sorted out in advance. Draw some money, write a thank you note and put each in a labeled envelope before passing the job out to someone else to dish out on the day.

Trust us when we say that your big day will go by in a flash. However, there are few moments in life that you’ll be surrounded by so much love, joy, and celebration, so be sure to savor the moments by knowing that you have ticked your wedding checklist.