11 Excellent Personality Quiz to Help Identify Interior Design Ideas

MADE.com has produced an amazing personality quiz, and we love it. The interior design site which focuses on providing customers with personalized furnishings and fittings makes use of the personality test to gain better insight into the preference of consumers.

We took the test on this link and the 11 questions presented were not tasking. They were simple and straightforward questions. Below, we run through them so you can know what to expect.

MADE.com Personality Quiz

Question 1

So, for issue one, we were asked to choose the “three words that best describe us.” There were four answers to choose from. These options were in clusters of three.

From what we could see, the purpose of the question was to identify a particular personality trait. The personality traits summarized into Phlegmatic, Choleric, Sanguine and Melancholic.  Of course, since we are a focused bunch, we went for the option which had “determined, focused and confident.”

Question 2

The next question “what’s more important to you at home” is aimed at deducing the particular feature that must be present in a home to feel at ease. Like in question one, four options were presented. We had to choose from having “lots of natural daylight, balance & proportion, being cozy and comfortable to having a clean surface.”

For us, being comfortable and cozy in our own space is very important, and we went for that option. However, if you would like to change answers as you move along in the quiz, you are allowed to do so.

Question 3

Question three tries to identify the type of movies you are more inclined to view in your home. Are you a fan of classics? Do you love to see indie directors try their hand at never done before scripts? Or are you more of a romantic or natural history individual?

Question 4

To you, an ideal night out comprises of what? The fourth question in the personality test aims to find out if you are more of someone who loves staying in and enjoying food with loved ones. Or more paint the town red with your closest friends’ person. Of course, your space ought to reflect it as well.

Question 5

Do you know that your color preferences have a lot to say about your personality? In issue five, you are expected to pinpoint a color you would always go for above every other one. We had yellow, blue, red and green to choose from.

Question 6

If you were to choose between watching the sunset by the beach, climbing Mount Everest or exploring a historical site, what would you go for? The idea of interior decoration is to ensure you have a home that perfectly reflects your wants such that planning escapes to specific locations gets reduced.

With the personality quiz, MADE.com can identify what you consider a dream holiday and ensure your home imitates or represents that.

Question 7

Most times, setting time aside for ourselves can be difficult owing to responsibilities and different things staking claims to our time. But, if you were giving the chance to have an afternoon free of these responsibilities, what would you do?

MADE.com asks you to choose among four options of “going for a walk,” “catching up with a friend over coffee,” “lounging in your pajamas to read a book” or “eating dinner at a new restaurant.”

Question 8

In a situation where work friend is upset, what would you do to make them feel better? Are you the kind to listen or are you someone who loves to discuss the issue in-depth? Are you a fixer or do you look for ways to lighten the mood?

The path you are likely to choose would be something in line with your personality.

Question 9

We are in the age of social media. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, can be set only to show you things you like. You can also follow and keep tabs on people and items you have an interest in.

It, therefore, goes to say that your social media is a reflection of who you are. Question nine tries to establish your personality by finding out the content that dominates your Instagram feed. Are you focused on your inner circle? Does it feature places you visit or are you a nature lover?

Question 10

Dress the way you want others to address you is a phrase we often hear. But, do you know that your dressing preference and style choices also reflect your personality?

Your dressing can also present a particular image from elegance to relaxed to stylish. Question 10 aims to discover what your preference in clothing is.

Question 11

We have different animals in the world. But, out of all of them, which do you identify with? Are you fast like a panther? Are you loyal like a dog? Are you graceful like a swan or are you as friendly as a dolphin?

Result of the Quiz

So, after going through the 11 questions which varied from holiday preferences, color choices and best animal friend, we finally got to the end of the quiz. The results showed that our interior decoration style was Playful. We also got a summary of personality, style checklist and style profile.

From these results, it is quite clear to see that the quiz although short focuses on particular questions that can pinpoint an individual’s tastes. These tastes are in turn used to create a profile of what the consumer is likely to prefer for decoration. Color preference was merged with personality trait to pinpoint the type of color decoration that would be appreciated.


In conclusion, we can say that the quiz is worth taken especially if you are still unsure of the type of décor you want in your property. It helps streamline your different ideas into a specific focus. So, when next you want to decorate, give  https://www.made.com/personality-quiz/ a go.