Unhealthy Nighttime Habits and Choices That Affect Your Health

Some bad habits are harmless little flaws that make very little impact on anything else in our lives, but some can actually be incredibly detrimental to our health. This is especially true when it comes to the end of the day as we prepare to go to sleep. This is a critical time because it determines the quality of sleep we get. In this article, we share 3 nighttime habits we need to cut out in order to be healthier.

Not Maintaining Sleep Surfaces

Now this is not necessarily a bedtime habit, but more of a general choice that impacts your sleep. Many people don’t pay attention to the surfaces they sleep on. According to sleep specialist, and retailer of state-of-the-art mattresses, pillows and protectors Muse Sleep, “a large number of people sleep on beds and mattresses that are old and no longer provide the support for them to have a restful sleep. It’s because many of them aren’t aware of the fact that beds and mattresses age, and need to be replaced when they start appearing uneven or lumpy.” Optimizing your sleep space is important, but so is optimizing the surfaces you sleep on. Cover your mattresses with protectors to maintain them and keep them in good shape, and replace bedding regularly. 

Not Removing Your Makeup

You’ve had a long day, and you get home and the last thing you want to do is wash the day off. You just want to get into bed and rest so you don’t remove your makeup. Harmless? No, actually very bad for your skin and can do a lot of damage. Complexion products like foundation and concealer can oxidize very easily which can age your skin, you can also end up dehydrating your skin in the process of wearing products when you sleep, or at the very least clogging your pores with oil. Taking off your makeup doesn’t have to be a long process, if you invest in makeup remover wipes or Micellar water, you can have a clean face in minutes, it’s something you can do just after brushing your teeth before you get into bed. Remember if you take good care of your skin, it will show and you will glow without needing a lot of makeup.

Drinking Alcohol Without Rehydrating

Have you ever woken up after drinking the night before feeling extremely and uncomfortably parched? That’s because alcohol dehydrates us, and this is something most of us know. The issue is, most of us think we need to get drunk for the dehydration to kick in, but even a couple of drinks can lead to dehydration, especially as you get older. Because most people drink alcohol at night, it’s highly likely that they will go to bed without replenishing their body’s precious water supply. So when you have a drink, make an effort to drink a few glasses of water so that you don’t wake up feeling like you slept in the desert.

Not Limiting Blue Light

Most of the gadgets we use emit blue light, even some of the light bulbs we have in our homes do too, and it causes havoc on our sleep routines. According to Harvard Health, “At night, light throws the body’s biological clock—the circadian rhythm—out of whack, and sleep suffers. Worse, research shows that it may contribute to the causation of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.” This is why using our phones and laptops before bed without using blue light filters or even eyewear that protects your eyes is so bad for our health. If you’re not falling asleep easily, that means you won’t get enough rest, and that will throw everything else off, including your appetite, your cognitive function, your mental health and stress levels.

The hours or even minutes before we go to bed are important. It’s when we should be laying the groundwork for us to fall asleep, and get a solid 6-8 hours in. The habits mentioned above get right in the way of nurturing a good sleep routine; and not only do they affect how well we sleep, their effects can be felt in our waking hours as we go about the day. It’s important to switch these habits for healthier ones, and to have a good amount of respect for how important sleep is in how well we function in every aspect of our lives, from our jobs to relationships and fitness. By making sleep a priority, you will see massive changes in your general health, your mood and you’ll show up as the best version of yourself.