How to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Every relationship can use a little unpredictability to keep things interesting, so you may be trying to think of how to surprise your boyfriend and keep him from taking you for granted. It’s easy to get settled into a routine once you’ve been with someone for a little while, and a good surprise every now and then helps to keep your relationship from becoming dull and boring. Even newer relationships can benefit from a good jolt of fun and romance with the occasional unexpected treat, so it’s really worth it if you put a little effort into keeping things interesting.


Surprise Your Boyfriend

There are lots of different ways to surprise your boyfriend. The very best surprises are the ones that are uniquely planned to appeal to your man’s individual interests and wishes. This is a little more difficult with new relationships because you may not have had time yet to get to know his likes and dislikes… but you can still plan surprises based on the average likes of men in general. And for a more long-term romance, you’ll know the kind of thing he’s always wanted to do and you can really go big and make a dream come true for him.

Your surprise can be fun, or sweet, or sexy. It can be something really simple, or something that requires meticulous planning. It can be adventurous, it can be relaxing, and it can be really, really romantic. But don’t forget, men are a different animal and the kind of surprises you might enjoy aren’t necessarily the kind that will hit the mark with the male of the species. So, try and think like a man and figure out something you know he’s really going to like…

Sexy Surprises

Speaking of something he’s really going to like… one thing is certain about almost any man- he likes sex. There are tons of ways to give your boyfriend a sexy surprise that will have him hotter than ever for you. Here are a few ideas for a really sexy surprise:

  • Flash him in a public place. Want to leave him speechless and drooling? Try the old trench-coat trick. First, prepare yourself as if you’re going out for an evening on the town, with full make-up, a great hairstyle, jewelry, sexy stockings and garters, and your hottest lingerie sets. Just don’t put on any clothes. That’s right- I said do not wear your clothes. Cover up with a long, belted coat and go find your guy. You can really boggle his brain if you casually show up on his jobsite, give him eyeful and then strut out. Or, turn it up a notch and wear nothing but the coat on a movie date. Flash him just before you go into the movies. It will drive him crazy to sit beside you through an entire movie knowing what you have on under that coat.
  • Set the stage for seduction. Make plans with your boyfriend for him to come to your place and pick you up for a date, or if you live together, have your surprise ready for him when he comes home from work. Dim the lights, set out lots of candles, put on some sexy music and even sexier lingerie. He’ll be expecting to go out, or else to have an ordinary dinner like any other ordinary night, and instead he’ll know as soon as the door opens that something is up… hmmm…

Sweet, Romantic Surprises

You can demonstrate the depth of your affection with grandiose, romantic plans and expensive gifts, but you can also really make your boyfriend feel special and happy with little, thoughtful surprises. These are some tips for sweet, romantic surprises.

  • Love notes in his lunchbox. Sounds corny, doesn’t it? But your boyfriend will love opening up his lunch to find a short love note tucked in with his sandwich. Just say something like, “I’ll miss you today,” or “Hope you have a good day, honey.” You can also write “I Heart U” on your mirror in lipstick, or put a sticky note on his steering wheel that says “Can’t wait ‘til you get home tonight.”
  • Cook his favorite meal. Mama always said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and mama is always right. He’ll really appreciate the extra effort of you getting the recipe for his mother’s lasagna or grilling him a thick T-bone when you don’t even eat meat. Dress the table with candles and flowers, and dress yourself in an outfit you know he likes. He’ll be expecting your usual takeout or frozen pizza and you can surprise him with a nice, home-cooked meal.

Fun, Adventurous Surprises

This kind of surprise really depends on the man and what he likes, so focus on his hobbies and interests before you plan an adventure surprise. You might be stepping outside your own comfort zone with this one, but the object is to give him a surprise he will really like, and hey…you can have fun, too!

  • Take him to a ball game.  Surprise him with tickets to see his favorite team play ball, whether or not you like sports he’ll really appreciate that you want to go to a sporting event with him.
  • Plan an adventure date. What’s he in to? Make arrangements to go rock-climbing, or hiking, or rafting. Give him a paddle with a bow on it and a note with the date and time for a white-water rafting trip.
  • Two tickets to paradise. You might not want to impose on a new relationship by assuming he’s free next weekend, but long-timers can go ahead and make reservations for a weekend getaway. Go back to a favorite hotel, or plan a camping trip. He’ll love that you stepped out of your ordinary weekend routine and set up a little mini vacation for just the two of you.

Keep love alive with these great ideas for how to surprise your boyfriend. Try a different idea every now and then so your relationship never gets dull or boring.