3 Trade Tips for Eateries to Stand Out from Your Competitors

One of the best ways to increase the appeal of a commercial café or restaurant is to offer a variety of dining spaces. Not everybody has the same eating habits or likes to enjoy their food in exactly the same way, so it is important to accommodate a range of needs. The simplest example is the distinction between indoor and outdoor dining areas. The ‘al fresco’ dining space remains a cohesive and compatible part of a commercial eatery, but it also provides an alternative to the norm.

This is essential during the summer months, because customers flock to restaurants where they can take their food outside. However, studies have shown that diners will continue to do this in the autumn and winter if they are provided with secure and sturdy protection from the elements. Fortunately, high quality café blinds in Melbourne give businesses a chance to construct comfortable, weather resistant dining areas that can be utilised all year round.

This guide to three of the best ways to make outdoor dining work for your business will help you stand out from the crowd and beat your rivals.


Provide Protection from the Weather

You’d be surprised at just how many diners relish the opportunity to spend time outdoors, even during the winter. While the temperatures may be dropping, there is still much beauty and pleasure to be had from al fresco brunches and late suppers in the garden. So, extend the usability of your property and add a whole new dimension to the space by investing in outdoor heating and enclosing the outdoors with weather resistant coverings. You’ll instantly stand out from competitors who can only offer seats indoors and you’ll be able to accommodate more customers.

Design a Practical Floorplan

It is not enough to just provide protection from the wind and rain because you also need to make sure that traffic flows freely and responsively. The last thing that you want is customers getting stuck in traffic jams as they try to make their way in or outside. So, take measurements of the space first and invest in café blinds that are wide enough to create a reasonable thoroughfare. You’ll need plenty of room for tables, which is easy in an expansive back yard space. However, for eateries right on the sidewalk, longer and thinner café blinds are needed.

Put Some Passion into It

The biggest mistake that you can make is to put the outdoor space together too hastily and with little thought for how it looks or feels. With high quality outdoor blinds, you have the opportunity to construct an al fresco dining space that is sturdy and long lasting. So, treat it as an investment in the property and spend some time considering the layout, design, and materials. Incorporate compatible accessories and furnishings, as a way to blend the outdoor environment with the interior of the restaurant or café. It should feel like a distinct choice – an alternative to dining inside – but not like a separate or isolated environment.

How You Can Become the Best Eatery in Town

There are all kinds of ways to appeal to diners and convince them that your eatery is the best choice. You can offer special deals, theme your menu in a unique fashion, and keep abreast of current trends and popular dishes. However, if you are looking for a quick and affordable way to enhance your credibility, outdoor café blinds are a sound investment. They are durable, attractive, and can even help a business save money on its annual energy bills.