Traveling Solo – Tips for Woman Traveler to Know Before You Go

When it comes to women traveling alone then it’s all about independence, freedom, outgoing, empowerment and lots more. Traveling alone acts as a confidence booster for the women. There are some burning questions that involve a woman security, safety, unplanned circumstances and any kind of event that can be virtually harmful to her.

As such a woman needs to let go of her fears and plan out certain activities beforehand. Prevention is always better than cure; the following are the tips for a Solo Female Travel

Do research work

The first thing one need to do is to an amplified amount of research a woman needs to learn about a country’s profile. For that one need to read blogs, stories, personal account, popular forums and travel group pages. As a solo female travel, it’s not an easy task to travel alone,   therefore experience counts.

If a woman is aware of another female who has traveled alone to many places then taking a consultancy from such a person is not a bad idea. In that case, she will be able to know how her life is different in comparison to other people’s life living in a different world.

Take care of your surroundings

As a Solo Female Travel, one needs to be very cautious of the surroundings. She is not obliged to say to anyone that she is traveling alone. Before leaving out a hotel room, she needs to place ‘do not disturb’ signboard on the door and leave the TV on; as such it will give the impression that her room is already occupied and this will prevent theft during that time. While check-in or ordering a room service, one should be discreet too. Here also she is not obliged to say to anyone, not even to another local woman, that she is traveling alone.

There could be circumstances where a woman might get lost and in such cases avoid using the cell phone. Instead, she should take a seat in a cafe or a coffee shop so that among the crowd she could be able to feel safe. This will prevent stalkers from following her. In case, there are no coffee shops then she should pretend as if she is listening to music and leave one ear unplugged. This will keep her aware of any followers or footsteps behind her.

Save the essential documents

They could be a possibility that one loses the essential documents such as passport, visa, identification cards and any other documents that are vital for traveling purpose.  One can be subject to lose and theft, in such cases, a person needs to keep an additional copy. Keeping the electronic copy of the documents, beforehand, over cloud such as email is important. In case nothing works then, send a copy through the email, to acquaintances or the loved ones in the home country. They can be of great service.

Use the phone wisely

When traveling alone then one should be more concerned regarding the personal security. One needs to be careful about the belongings well. There could be a possibility that this stuff might get snatched and such they need to be kept safely away from their reach. So if one needs to see certain maps over the phone or attend a call then one should use the phone in a store where these thieves or predators couldn’t snatch it.

In spite of that, they take certain precautions while handling a Smartphone. One shouldn’t post the pictures of the location unless she has left the location; in other words, avoid posing it in real time basis. This will prevent the stalker from following her.

Women can’t trust strangers and especially men who are strangers so easily that is a well-known fact but she could connect with another woman. So she could try to connect with her close friends, women cab drivers, trustable local women and stay in touch with them to find the way through their issues. She could also connect to the various users and bloggers online.

When at the new location, she should keep reading the reviews about the location of the place she is staying in out or areas that she is moving to.

Be aware especially during the night hours

The night is very unsafe as there are few crowds at night, so traveling alone at night might sound like a bad option. At night opt for taxis or public transportation facilities. At night keep all the expensive belongings except the phone at the home.

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