4 Things to Expect after Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Making the decision to undergo elective surgery is not a choice made lightly. Breast augmentation surgery is a major surgery that impacts so much more than your physical once it’s done. It can have a profound impact on the way that you view yourself and on your levels of self-confidence.

Once your breast augmentation surgery has been successfully completed, the process of healing and recovery starts. Because there are a number of options for this type of surgery, the recovery time can vary widely between individuals. Every patient will generally need a few days of rest after surgery, with many getting back into a regular routine within a week.

Knowing what to expect after breast augmentation surgery can help you to better prepare for your recovery from the procedure. Here are 4 tips written with permission of Form & face cosmetic surgery clinic:

  1. It’s possible to overdo it, after surgery

It’s important to take care of yourself after your surgery. Your body will need time to heal. It’s possible to overdo it after surgery if you don’t heed the instructions offered by your surgeon.

Surgery, even an easy and almost routine procedure, can be very taxing on the body. The trauma of incisions and bruising will require time to heal from. You are likely to feel very tired and sore in the days that immediately follow your surgery. Get plenty of good rest, and ask for help with tasks around the house.

After the first week of recovery you should be feeling much more like yourself, and be ready to handle small tasks around the house. You should avoid heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks after your surgery. Any activities that involve lifting arms should also be avoided. Most feel comfortable enough to return to work within 2 weeks, with a normal workout and activity routine resumed by the 6 to 8-week mark.

  1. Your chest might look and feel strange

You should expect to see and feel swelling and bruising around your breasts after surgery. This is normal and will subside in the weeks that follow surgery. Your chest area may feel tight and tender while your skin is adjusting to the new implants. This should subside within a few short weeks as your body adjusts and heals. It is very common to have swelling that lasts for several weeks, which can make it a challenge to see what the true new size of your breasts is. Once the swelling does subside you’ll be in a better position to see your new silhouette.

Your surgeon may have you work on self-massage techniques to help speed up your recovery and avoid the risks of capsular constriction.

  1. There will be some wound care required

The incisions used during the augmentation surgery are typically very small, but there will be some care needed in order to avoid the potential for an infection. The dressings placed by your surgeon can be removed 24 hours after surgery, but any stitches or tape used to cover the incisions themselves should be left in place until your surgeon indicates otherwise.

You may be able to shower 24 hours after surgery, but should avoid soaking in baths, swimming in pools or spending time in hot tubs.

The incision sites should be kept clean at all time. If you notice any type of inflammation that seems out of the norm, or experience signs of a fever, be sure to call your surgeon’s office right away. Fever is rare but can occur in some cases.

  1. You won’t be able to wear an underwire bra

Don’t rush out and buy all new bras to wear after your surgery. You may need to wear a very soft and supportive postoperative bra or sports bra after surgery in order to help provide comfortable support during your recovery. Not to mention that most of your bras won’t fit right for several months, due to the swelling that can be expected after the breast augmentation procedure. You should not wear an underwire bra as the wire can have an impact on the position of your new breast implant. Soft and comfortable fitting bras should be worn for several weeks after the surgery.

Whether you’re wearing a sports bra or compression bandage, you’ll find that you can remove it when you shower but you will need to put it right back on after you get out and are dried off.

Be sure that you follow all of the instructions that your plastic surgeon provides to you. Following these instructions will ensure that you get the best in results from your breast augmentation procedure. The postoperative care instructions will help you to better understand what is and what isn’t considered to be a normal part of the breast augmentation surgery recovery process.