4 Ways to Modernize An Outdated Kitchen

A kitchen is considered one the most important aspects of a home, not just in terms of the value of a property but also the function it serves in a household. Because kitchen trends have evolved so much over the last decade or so, your kitchen might not feel as great or as functional as you would like. Your kitchen can become a bit of an eyesore when it feels a bit dated or in need of some modern upgrades.

There are a lot of elements that make up a more modern kitchen, and very often, you don’t have to do a large scale overhaul for your kitchen to fulfill all your Pinterest dreams. Here are some ways to modernize your kitchen, and home improvement projects you can take on.

Update Your Flooring

Older floors are often made up of tiles and flooring that make the kitchen look like something out of the 1970s. Linoleum and vinyl were a very common kitchen floor material because they were long-lasting and easy to clean. The only issue is a lot of these floor designs have extremely dated prints or that they start to peel off or even discolor over time. If you want to update your flooring but you don’t know where to start, you can seek help from professionals. From intricate designs to elegant classics, flooring contractors can work with you to create a look that lasts with unmatched tile installation.

Updating your flooring is perhaps one of the most effective home upgrades you can make, it can often accomplish things like making your kitchen look bigger and brighter and make keeping your home clean an easier process.

Some of the ways to upgrade your floors is with new ceramic tiles, modern vinyl, and if you really want to try something different, you can try residential epoxy flooring. According to Premier Epoxy Tampa, “this type of flooring gives you a really beautiful finish, but it’s also highly functional. Epoxy floors can help prevent water damage while protecting your family from dangerous slips and falls. Cleanup is a breeze, making it easier than ever to control mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.”

Change Cabinets

Dated kitchen cabinets are very obvious because of the materials they are made of, and the hardware on the doors and drawers. Often in older kitchens, the cabinets are a really dark wood color, and nowadays kitchens are usually bright and airy. So if you want to bring your cabinets out of the 1990s, it’s as simple as a new coat of bright colored paint.

Most people think the only way to update kitchen cabinets is to replace them completely, but paint is a simple yet effective home improvement project because it makes a huge impact without a whole lot of change. You’re also not just limited to one color, many people have transformed their kitchens by painting their cabinets gray or sage green. All you need is some primer and cabinet paint and then to truly crown this little home upgrade, you can change your drawer hardware to something gold and fancy-looking.


If you’ve had a kitchen backsplash that has been in for a long time, it might be looking a bit old or stale. Changing your backsplash is a simple and easy way to switch up the look of your content, and introduce new styles and new colors.

If your kitchen is older, the backsplash might be a plain white subway tile. These days there are so many different tile styles and colors that you can incorporate into your kitchen to give it more style and to make it look a lot newer and more customized. From hexagonal tiles, to pink, glossy subway tiles or even peel and stick backsplash in a funky print, you can let your imagination go wild!

Open Shelving

The modern kitchen is focused on bringing in a lot of light and airiness. One of the trends within this change is top cabinets being replaced by open shelving. Top cabinets can make a kitchen look a lot smaller and feel a bit crammed in.

Putting in shelves can completely change that and make the space look better. These shelves can be decorated with cookbooks, plants and other ornaments that can show off your unique sense of style and make your kitchen look like your authentic space.

Having a dated kitchen is a common challenge many people have, but there are so many simple solutions you can use to transform the space. If you live in an older home, the kitchen will likely have things like old flooring, dated cabinets and even closed-in walls.

You can very simply change these things and bring your kitchen into 2021. It’s possible to have a kitchen that truly reflects your sense of style without you paying a whole lot of money or doing a massive renovation.