5 Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas That People Will Remember

When it comes to all your wedding festivities and celebrations, your guests are what make everything truly special and unforgettable. They are the people that support you, cheer you on and celebrate the big day with you. Wedding favors are a great way to show your appreciation to all your loved ones, but that doesn’t have to be the only time you give them something special to remember this time in your life.

The bridal shower is also a very special moment on the journey to the wedding, and you can actually give your guests something really special they can take with them. It doesn’t have to be something major, but it’s always a nice touch to give people something that will make them smile. Even on a limited wedding budget, there are inexpensive choices.

When it comes to getting bridal shower favors there are few options;

  • You can get something someone can eat later, or you can go the route of something they can keep forever.
  • Get something you feel everyone could get universal use out of, don’t make the gifts too custom or too unique to one style
  • Make the gift reminiscent of your wedding theme; for example, if you were interested in barn wedding venues, you might gift succulents or burlap bags with sweet treats
  • You don’t have to go over-budget to get something special and memorable
  • Keep to the theme and colors of the bridal shower
  • You can personalize the gift with tags printed in fancy font to really make the party favor look really chic


There’s just something chic and fancy about macaroons, and they make the perfect bridal shower favor. Go to a local bakery that makes good pastries, and order enough for all your guests to have at least 3. Get them made in the color of your bridal shower and then get them packaged in a clear box with a complementary bow color to really make it pop. You can even add them to the table decor of your event. Remember the macaroons have to also taste good and have the right texture for it to really make an impact. 

Pampering Products

Everyone loves feeling like they are getting pampered, and nothing does this better than giving them some fancy bottle of cream, gel or balm to take home with them. They can add it to their daily routine or use it once a week when they take a long and luxurious bath. You can get them a bath kit with bath salts, lotion and bubble bath. You can also just choose one really nice product and order enough bottles for every guest. You’ll definitely find something your guests will love! 

Gift Cards

You won’t always know what everyone wants, and that’s why gift cards exist! They give you the chance to put a smile on someone’s face and then give them the power of choice and options. Whether you choose a gift card of a boutique, or even a gift voucher for a spa, you’ll make people really happy and give them something to get excited about after the excitement of the wedding. 

A Handbag Accessory

Handbag accessories are small but really cute gifts your guests would appreciate, and luckily you can get very affordable ones. You can get something that looks like a piece of statement jewelry, going with the theme and colors of the event and hand it out to guests at the end of the event. It’s something they can add to their handbag and help them look really stylish. 


You can never go wrong with a really pretty scented candle as a party favor. There are so many beautiful designs and styles you can go with, and many brands offer really luxurious looking candles that will make your guests feel like royalty. A candle is also easy to package and make look nice along with the decor of the event. So if you’re stuck on what you can get as a memorable gift for your bridal shower guests, candles are awesome.

A bridal shower is a special time for you and your favorite ladies to celebrate the upcoming big day, and big occasions need to be celebrated and remembered forever. What better way to celebrate and remember than some really special party favors? You can easily and affordably give your guests something that will always represent the special event and remind them that they were a part of this special moment in time, and your journey to the happiest day of your life.