5 Easy Tips to Set Up Your Dream Entertainment Room

Every part of your house has its use. Your bedroom for sleep, privacy, comfort and a place to unwind. The kitchen, for making your best recipes and even making precious memories. A living room should be a space for family bonding and sometimes entertaining guests. What about our entertainment needs like gaming, movie watching, and even karaoke nights? An entertainment room is a must.

It comes with many names, cinema room, game room, media room,, but ultimately it serves as a dedicated space for the family needs for entertainment. It is rewarding to have an entertainment room. If you are just about to have your own space, then here are some tips when setting up this wonderful, fun-filled room.

Decision, Decision

Before anything else, you need to decide what your entertainment room is going to be. It is going to be used for gamers? Will it be a dedicated movie room? Are you going to have a little bit of everything? This is so you can visualize the space needed to fit your needs. If all you want is a cinematic experience then there is no need for a desk or gaming chair and what you need to focus on is the surround sound. If you want games, then there is a need for good ergonomic gaming equipment and accessories, because you are going to spend a good amount of time in there.

Set A Budget

You need to be financially prepared before you start any decorating. The items, electronics, equipment, and furniture needed for an entertainment room are not cheap. Choosing a budget will guide you to a headache-free shopping experience. You don’t want to miss out on needed equipment because you didn’t properly budget.

It will also be a guide for you to make a sound decision on what items should be prioritized. Do you need a 65 inch OLED Smart TV to stream your favorite shows? What furniture best compliments your media? Do you need a fixture to make wiring more effective? Set your budget and stick to it.

Make Full Use of All Space

Just like any room in your house, you need to imagine how you can use of the available space in your entertainment room. You need to consider the sound, light, furniture and see what looks and feel best. This will help you achieve a better aesthetic and make every area in the room functional.

Use your furniture to do more than just sit on. You can get a hide-a-bed sofa that can turn your entertainment room into a guest bedroom if needed. Also, some coffee tables have storage within them that are great for storing bedding.


To keep your room safe, efficient, and well-organized, you need to plan the wiring. TVs, gaming consoles, and cable cords come with a lot of cords. Not to mention and wired remotes. There are several options on the market to keep them well organized and even hide them so they arent an eye sore.

Storage Fixtures

Just because it is a movie or gaming room does not mean there is no need for cabinets and storage shelves.  In fact, to keep the space organized and not messy, storage shelves need to be installed. Thes shelves will hold games whether it be board games or video games, remotes, or even movies.

Special Walls

Entertainment rooms can be quite loud, with the right sound system, very loud. Whether it’s from the special effect sounds in the game, or the immersive music in a movie, the sound can travel far towards the other rooms hopefully not a bedroom. Having sound absorbing material for your walls can keep noise pollution at a minimum in your household. Things like carpet, thick curtains, acoustic paneling, even foam egg crates can help minimize the noise the room creates.

Now that you know the basic elements needed for a great game room, don’t be afraid to have a little fun decorating it. If you are Nintendo fans, add some Mario decals to the walls. If you are a Game of Thrones addict, pull some of those features into the decor of the room. If you are into sports add decals of your favorite team to the walls or hang a flag or picture the represents the team. This is the only room in the house that is just meant for fun, so remember that while you are decorating. This is a room where you can trade chic decor for fun decor.