5 Easy ways to keep your Home/Office Clean

Be it a home or the office or even a home office it is essential to keep this clean as it works as a relaxing factor and helps you concentrate better. Even with ample amount of work piled up you are all set to take it head on as the neatness of the office or a home makes this a pleasure and not a task. There are multiple benefits when you opt to clean up your home or the office. You can look forward to a

* Healthier atmosphere as cleaning gets rid of all the dust, allergens, bacteria and mold.

* The air you breathe is fresher and has an impact on your general health.

* Entertaining becomes a pleasure as you have nothing to be embarrassed of.

* Cleaning at regular intervals eliminate the requirement of major repairs or maintenance.

* Talking about a clean office, you can look forward to an increase in the productiveness of your employees as there are fewer reasons to fall sick and opt for sick leaves.

To gain the maximum benefits of a clean home, office or even a home-office you need to ensure that this is a routine followed strictly. You can think of opting for specific cleaning service if you find that you do not have the required time to do so.  Listed below are few tips which can make this cleaning easier and convenient.

keep home clean

  1. Clearing the dust:

You need to be aware that almost all electronics seem to attract dust to a large extent. This applies to appliances at home as well as the office. Cleaning of these appliances cannot be done like the regular cleaning, you need to use the electronics wipe or a microfiber cloth to do so. Make sure not to use any glass cleaners as these can strip of the anti-glare coatings on your computer. Talking about the computer, make sure this is turned off before you wipe it. You can dampen the microfiber cloth for a quick swipe to eliminate any grease or other stains.

  1. Clearing the piled up Paper:

Most offices or even home have tons and tons of paper piled up which might have been important. It is important to get rid of these in a systematic manner. You need to take some time and try to go through all these and take the required step of either filing them or putting these in a shredder. Make sure the filing system is well in place. It helps if you can have different color files for the different categories, like you can think of a having Orange for personal, green for medical, yellow for insurance, Blue for household and so on. Searching for the required document when it is needed, becomes easier.

  1. Cable Clutter:

Most office or even homes have this ‘cable clutter’ to a large extent. This is mainly due to the different electrical appliances used. Most of the time, you have one or more people tripping and falling due to this. This does not only pose a problem with the falling but also tends to clutter your office all the more. Find out the equipment which is not used at all or probably used once in a way. It is better to take this out and store it if you intend using this, or probably dispose it off. Using devices which are wireless is a suitable option. Cables can also be put into a power-bar which is surge protected and can also be bound with clips, clamps or Velcro Wraps. Routing the wires through a desk hole ensures that all the wires are behind the desk.

  1. Inverting in Containers and Organizers:

You have a wide range of sizes available in storage cans, which makes it easy to find one in accordance to your requirement. Storing items in a container can add to the neatness of a home or an office. Besides this, think of filing cabinets, shelves, totes and more. This offers the de-cluttered look with the cleanliness and neatness factor taken into consideration. Vacuuming on a regular basis can add to the cleanliness of your home or office.

  1. Keeping the Desk clean:

Most offices and also homes have their desk with computers, monitors, keyboards, phones, computer storage and modems piled up. Clearing up the technology from here gives you the required space in an easy manner. Think of putting the computer tower on the floor instead of the desk, think of replacing that over-sized monitor for the latest one which is more compact, Take a back-up of everything required online which can be done with the help of an online storage service. This is also ensuring that all the important data is safe in case your computer crashes or is stolen. You can think of buying a three in one where you have the scanner, printer and a fax machine all in one. You can finally think of opting for a free-standing light instead of having a lamp on your desk. Presto, you have a clean and uncluttered working space with everything in place.

Benefits of Office or Home Cleaning:

Making this cleaning a habit can save you on time in the long run. You should put away things after every use so that these do not clutter and make a pile. This can be beneficial as it gets easier to find when required. It is a proven fact that a clean and de-cluttered office or home gives you the mental strength to work and do so in an organized manner. You need to know that a clean office can give you a feeling of control. A messy and untidy setup keeps you feeling helpless. It is difficult to start but once you have everything in place and well organized you feel relaxed and relieved of having accomplished this almost impossible task. You should be aware that a clean atmosphere can also contribute to a good night’s sleep and makes you less tired.