5 Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

There’s an awful lot of planning that goes into a wedding – especially if you want a huge celebration with all the trimmings. Every bride has her dream of how her big day should go, but the most crucial factor driving the choices is the budget. Once you have set a budget, you know exactly how much you have to spread across the whole event. There are many aspects to cover in the planning, but there are key things your wedding can’t go ahead without.

The Venue

Where you hold the wedding will depend on whether you want a church or a civil ceremony. This should be agreed upon by the bride and groom with due regard to any religious convictions of either party. These days you are not limited to a church or the local registry office. Many different kinds of locations hold a license for wedding ceremonies, so if you want something different, you’re sure to find it. A few examples of wedding venues that do not fit the traditional outline include beach venue weddings and even backyard yard weddings while many soon-to-be newlyweds are considering the charm factor of tying the knot in an ordinary setting that they find meaningful, such as their favourite coffee shop or even book store.

If you are going for something less traditional, consider whether you can hold the ceremony and reception in the same location. If not, you will need to consider how guests will get from one venue to the other.

The Guestlist

This is most usually driven by budget, but also the size of your venue. It is not uncommon to have two guestlists – one for the ceremony and one for those who will come to the reception. This is one way of keeping costs under control. If you want a formal afternoon reception, you can limit the guest list to those at the ceremony and then have a party in the evening which helps save on catering costs.

Before working on the general guest list, decide on the bride and groom’s court. These are the critical attendants on the day besides the parents and includes the maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, and ushers.

The Dress

All focus may seem to be on the dress, and yes, it’s an essential feature for the bride. The bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her big day, so it is necessary to decide how much to set aside for the dress. The groom also wants to look and feel good so make time to discuss whether it’s formal or informal, tuxes or morning suits and whether the groom’s attire will be purchased or rented. You will also need to consider the court’s attire. How many bridesmaids are you having, and will they buy their dresses? Will you have page boys? Many brides-to-be consider their wedding dress the most important element of the wedding, which is why you should take adequate time to ensure your dress details are perfect.

The Photographer

The photographs provide an everlasting memory of your special day. It is important to find a photographer with a proven record in the sort of pictures you want. Interview a few photographers (unless you have a rock-solid recommendation) and ask to see samples of their work. Be completely comfortable with your choice. Wedding photographs are intimate, especially if you follow the modern trend of capturing moments from the very start of the day. You want to be sure that your wedding book will be a valuable item you cherish for the rest of your life.

The Reception

This is where the celebrations really begin. Bearing in mind the points made above, the first important thing about the reception is the venue. You might have two venues – one for a formal reception after the ceremony and one for the after-party.

The venue should hold the number of guests comfortably. You don’t want a few people swimming around in a large tank of a room. Will, there be a formal table setting, or will you prefer free form. You’ll need to consider the room decor, bearing in mind any venue restrictions. Does the venue provide flowers, or will you have to provide them? You’ll also need to know what kind of entertainment your venue is licensed for.


This is just touching lightly on what goes into planning a wedding. Make a budget and make a list. Keep talking to each other and adjust where you need to. Happy wedding planning equals aa fabulous wedding day to remember.