5 NYC Tourist Attractions You Must See

New York City is widely-acknowledged to be the king of the East Coast of the United States. In addition to that famous national beacon of hope and welcome that is the Statue of Liberty, it’s a melting pot of dazzling proportions that has something for every nationality that comes through its harbors.

With a company such as TopView Sightseeing, you can see most of the top tourist attractions with no hassle once you’re here. The alternative modes of travel are all fraught with impediments – especially trying to drive through the crowded streets and walk on the crowded sidewalks. The double decker buses are far above the bustle, allowing you to get images that you’ll remember for a long time.

  1. Rockefeller Center

This huge complex is a well-known New York City landmark where fine dining and quality shopping draws tourists and residents in droves. You might know it for one of its most famous events, held annually: the Christmas Tree and New Year’s Eve Countdown celebration.

With more than 19 high-rise buildings and top of the line restaurants, there’s no shortage of things to do at the Center. The plaza hosts Radio City Music Hall, where you can catch any number of elite performances while you’re in town. Be sure to grab a brochure unless you enjoy wandering around and being pulled in every direction by all the fascinating sights to see. 

  1. Sakura Park

Towards the northern edge of the upscale Morningside Heights neighborhood, this city park is bordered by the landmarks of Grant’s Tomb and Riverside Church. Most noticeable for the lovely Cherry trees and Japanese architectural influences (see the stone lantern, or ishi tori), Sakura is a relatively small park that nonetheless is spacious enough to draw sizable crowds without feeling stuffy. The thousands of Cherry Trees were actually donated by the Japanese to New York about a century ago.

Sakura Park is a great place to go for a jog, a couple’s stroll or to do some meditation while you’re there, because it’s really quiet for an outdoor area. For this same reason, it makes for a great picnic spot. In the fall and winter, the white leaves blossom on the trees to complement the snowy weather. 

  1. Central Park Zoo

Located – of course – in Central Park, this zoo hosts over 130 different species of animals. You’ll find animals such as the magnificent and rare snow leopard, Arctic Penguins and even red pandas. There’s a spacious tank in the park for California Sea Lions and amphibious axolotls. This feature, in particular, is one that the kids will enjoy.

If it takes a lot to impress you, then be prepared to be awed: Central Park Zoo has giant Grizzly Bears. There’s nothing like seeing this massive Kodiak up close; the males look like they each could take on three African lions and win. The polar bear housed in the park is even larger than the Grizzlies! The park has five acres of sights from the animal kingdom.

  1. Carnegie Hall

Midtown Manhattan’s finest offering (arguably); especially if you’re arts-oriented. Named after one of the richest men in United States history, this concert venue hosts many world-famous productions throughout the year. Recently, there’ve been productions such as Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy score – any gamer will tell you how important the Final Fantasy franchise is to gaming, in general. The Philharmonic Orchestra performs on the Perelman Stage frequently, and you can always catch a classic score in Stern Auditorium. 

  1. Times Square

An entertainment center bar none, Times Square is bordered by Broadway and other famous New York streets. Any box-office movie hit that you’ve ever seen, if a scene called for a bustling metropolis, then Times Square was probably used. The plentiful neon lights and gigantic digital billboards are unmistakable, as are the crowded streets and the infectious atmosphere. It truly is the city that never sleeps, and the perfect place to hail a bus tour for the easiest way to see all the sights.