5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Hawaiian Coffee

For savvy coffee lovers, the origin is an important attribute when it comes to shopping for the right coffee beans. The world’s best coffee comes from regions such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, India, Hawaii, and Jamaica. Even with so many options available, some people prefer the deep aromatics and buttery finish of Hawaii coffee, especially the Kona coffee.

Read on to learn how to pick the right coffee for your daily cup O’Joe.

1. Don’t Look for the Best

Just like most products in the market, no one single product or brand can be viewed as the best. So, when shopping for Hawaiian coffee, do not harbor such convictions.  However, it’s true that there are coffees that are better than others, especially looking at different flavors.

When it comes to Hawaiian coffees, the most popular in the market are the options from the Kona growing region. These coffees are popularly known as Kona coffees. Coffee is also grown in other areas, including Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Oahu. Each of the coffees from these regions has their own distinctive qualities that people love.

2. Read the Label

This is one of the common mistakes shoppers make when shopping for coffee. You see, many manufacturers can use the name “Kona” on the label even if it accounts for 10 or 20 percent of the coffee. The remaining percentage can be a mix of coffees from Hawaii or even from other regions, such as Mexico and Jamaica.

With this combination, the resulting taste won’t be something that you’ll want to drink daily. Also, look at the roast. Expert farmers recommend medium roast for people who love black coffee, while the dark roast is great for those with a liking for sugar and cream.

3. Consider the Cost

The truth is that good and quality coffee is somewhat costly. More than 75 percent of Hawaiian coffee you will find on the shelves cost about $10 for a 6 – 8 oz bag. There are also some that cost less than $5 a bag, but you may want to stay away from those if you want the rich flavor and subtlety of Hawaiian coffee.

It’s also worth noting that different Hawaiian coffee brands have varied prices. This is depend on the blend and some brands tend to be more costly than others. If you buy on a coffee plantation, the good stuff is going to cost you about $30 – $40 per 8oz bag. Try to avoid those cheaper bags if possible, and go for options that will give you the taste you want.

4. Buy Whole Beans

Most of the coffee you will find in grocery stores is usually pre-ground. In this state, it’s usually hard to preserve the flavor and taste of the coffee. Essentially, coffee usually starts losing its flavor within 30 days of grinding it. This is because it reacts with air when exposed.

So, if you want to savor the maximum flavor of your Hawaiian coffee, it’s better to go for whole coffee beans. Just make sure you get the right tool, such as a burr grinder, for grinding your beans at home. This is because the right grind size matters even for flavor extraction. Also, remember to store beans in an airtight mason jar. You should also avoid jars that are clear as they allow light penetration, which also affects the taste of coffee.

Get the Right Hawaiian Coffee

With these tips, you now have some guidelines for picking the right coffee for you. Make sure you check the roast date, and it should be about four to 12 days after the roast. When shopping, try to find your desired option in coffee shops as most of them roast their own coffee. Some will also roast the coffee beans for you when making your purchase.