Women’s Favorite Wines Across the Globe

More than 65 percent of the wine consumers are women, who love to celebrate special moments with a tinge of emotion and some wine. Unlike men, women do no select wines on the basis of price tags or ratings. Instead, they choose the wine on the word of a trusted friend with the person to share it with in mind. Therefore wines are special for women and there are a few that would really suit the special occasions.

The Amadeus 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from Chain of Ponds in Adelaide Hills is a frontrunner in most wine competitions. This intense, claret style wine is at its best when there are good spring rains followed by warm dry summer. The grapes are de-stemmed and left in open fermenters which are traditional. These are then hand plunged twice a day. Final fermentation sets in the barrel as the wines are put in the oak for 18 months. These wines are bottled with very little filtration, so they can have a thin crust after maturing. The aroma from this wine is a great tempting factor that contributes to its magic. It is rich in plum, dark chocolate and blackcurrant which is intense. Upon maturing for more than two years, there could be added flavors of liquorices and earth smells. The tannins would soften with time making the wine better as years go by. Some of these wines are enhanced with black olive and spice too for a lingering taste. The inky color of this wine adds to its beauty too. Made by Neville Falkenberg, this is one of the best and most preferred wines. It could cost around 25 dollars but is precious for the taste one savors.

Mclaren Vale is a famous wine growing region in Australia. The Davey family who started with a single wine brand called Shingleback shiraz in 1998, are now makers of premium rich wines worth a distinct style. The Shingleback D Block Shiraz wine is their best. It is truly a vintage wine and is one of the best from the Davey family. Winner of several wine competitions, these wines are made from handcrafted fruits. The skin is gently hand worked in open fermenters with traditional winemaking practices. This ensures that the unique qualities are properly preserved. American and French oak hogsheads which are very fine grained are used to permit gradual maturation over a long period of time and subtle integration with the oak too. A diverse range of new and old barrels, crafted by coopers as per the requirements, help in producing these distinct wines, with flavors differing in gentle nuances. The individual barrels are selected and blended at the end of the maturation to create a complex yet balanced wine. Mixed with flavors of blueberry and spic, the wines possess a distinct aroma of primary mulberry and blackberry and are deep red in color. The Shiraz fruit flavors are bright and luscious and are textured by satin tannins. These wines are well refined and have added layers of boysenberry, cherry and tints of orange peel and tobacco that lend it a distinctly mysterious but beautiful taste. These wines cost around 50 dollars, but are worth a hundred times more for their fine taste.

The Tumbarumba is one of the primary vine growing regions in Australia. The snowy mountains, high altitudes and long ripening periods help in producing a rich quality of wines known for their finesse. Special amongst them is the Premium Chardonnay. These wines could be identified by their crisp melon, citrus and fig flavors with some mineral acidity. With a pale lemon hue, these wines are overlaid with flavors of passionfruit and peach. They also carry faint aroma of oak. These wines have a creamy texture and are a specialty of Cassegrain winemakers.

The Pinot Noir, associated with Burgundy in France has a sweet taste and yet a powerful punch. It is one of the most romantic wines that are made from grapes which are not only difficult to cultivate but also to ferment. Traditional wines of Pinot Noir have a distinct countryside aroma and taste fleshy and voluptuous. The modern wines come in lighter and fruiter flavors too.

The 2005 Wilson Diane’s Reserve from Dry Creek Valley Estate is another vintage wine. Creamy oak, dusty cocoa, black pepper and rich berries are blended in fine balance to produce this red wine. This vine has a velvety texture and is a fine variety of the Still Wine type.

From the river valleys of Germany, comes another fine wine called Riesling. This wine cannot be blended and hence maintains its pure distinct taste. It is a dry white wine that possesses aromas of tropical fruit, minerals and flowers. Noted for its acidity, this wine with its sweet taste goes amazingly well with Chinese dishes.

Merlot originating from Bordeaux region in France is a fruity, soft red wine. Black cherry, currant and green olive blend to give deep aromas to this wine. A hint of tobacco and some mint add further flavors to this wine.

The Barefoot Pinot Grigio, 2006 from California is another good wine that is relatively cheaper. It is a crisp and lemony wine that brings the spring’s freshness along with it.

The Sangiovese wines are cultivated in the Tuscany region of Italy, with Brunello di  Montalcion being amongst the most notable wines. Spices such as anis-seed and Melissa, these wines made up of red fruit have a great peppery taste and a range of flavors and aromas. These full bodied wines have rich color, intensity and acidity along with good tannins.

From Silver Oak Cellars, we have a host of rich wines. The 2005 Napa Valley with 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10 % Merlot, this wine has nuances of varied tastes made by cool, gradual ripening of various components, that are mixed and balanced well. A complex nose of truffles, soy, black pepper and boysenberry, this wine with a silky feel and dark garnet color has a slight tannin touch and an elegant finish.

There are a whole lot of other wines that could be used upon special occasions to satisfy the palate.