Selfie Fashion Tips For The Best Photos

An excellent fashion selfie involves a lot of work to come out perfectly. You need to consider the light, angle, mood, and post-process editing to get the best photo. Even when everything seems in order, getting an outstanding selfie is also a matter of luck.

Many selfie enthusiasts simply use what they have to its full potential to make their photos look flawless. There a few simple tips and tricks to learn how to take the most impressive fashion selfies.

  1. Lighting Is Everything

When taking photos, especially when you want to showcase your outfit, choose a place with good lighting. Nothing beats natural light as it will make your skin glow, but in cases where you’re indoors and you want to take a snap of your outfit, find a spot that has enough light and take your pictures there. Make sure though that the light is not too bright because it will wash out your face and clothes. Take a couple of test shots until you find a photo you want to post.

Choose softer backgrounds when you’re wearing bright colored clothes to highlight your outfit. If you are wearing something simple, or something more formal, find a location that makes you stand out. Contrast is the key to make sure that you and what you’re wearing will stand out in a photo.

  1. Know Your Angle, And Work It

Selfie is all about angles. One of the most important selfie tips you can follow is sticking to an angle that best compliments your face.

You may tilt your head or place the camera in a certain way to highlight your best features while softening a part of your face you feel insecure about, like a broad forehead or even a pimple.

When taking photos that emphasize what you are wearing, try to find a particular pose that will also show your clothes’ key point. For example, if you’re wearing a nice pair of pants, try to capture it from a high angle that shows your legs. If you are wearing accessories, like bracelets, flaunt it in the picture by modeling it in front of the camera.

  1. Snap it, Then Share It

What’s the point of taking good photos when you’re the only one who sees them? Most people share their best shots on social media since it’s fun to see how people react to the photos, and it’s interesting to interact with other social media users who share the same preferences.

When taking fashion selfies, try to think about your current social media feed. Will it fit your current aesthetic? Or will it look awkward fitting in the rest of the photos you’ve posted? Try to think about how you’ll curate your profile, so you know how to plan your outfits and take your photos.

If you want to reach more people with your posts, consider using hashtags. You can attach a few hashtags before posting your pictures so more people who have the same interests will see your profile. If you have no idea which hashtags to use, check this out.

  1. Experiment With Your Style

Try to change your style when you dress up and take fashion selfies. How your makeup and hair look will affect your entire style, so try to change your hairstyle and makeup depending on what you are wearing. If you are wearing a low neckline top, put your hair up to emphasize your neck and shoulders. Likewise, softer or simpler outfits can stand out when you put your hair down and apply bright makeup.

  1. If All Else Fails, There’s Always Editing Apps

Thanks to technology, you can edit photos like a pro with just your mobile phone. There are lots of photo editing applications you can use to touch up your selfies.

You can adjust the color contrast, brightness, filter, and many more aspects of your photos. Try to stick to one editing app, so your photos will have the same mood. Remember not to go overboard with the filters when editing since your photos can end up looking too artificial. Try to consider how your outfit will turn out after editing, have a few options, and choose which one looks best.

When editing your fashion selfies, try to spot any imperfections, like a distraction in the background or a strand of hair looking awkward, and edit it out to make your picture look flawless.

Final Thoughts

Taking good selfies is a skill. When you know how to work the camera, you’ll surely get good results with the photos you take.