5 Ways to Instantly Change How You Look

Bringing a change to your life is good, but it is also very difficult. Changing your look can either be the best decision you have made in your life, or it could be one of the most terrifying ones. Not what your aim is, changing how you look can have great consequences on you spiritually and emotionally.

Some people like to change up their styles and the way they look, but you can only change up your hairstyles in so many ways. There are some people who just don’t have the time or money to do a complete wardrobe overhaul and end up giving up. Luckily, you can use these four ideas to instantly change your look so that you can try something new while complimenting your looks.

Contour Makeup

Contour makeup allows you to adjust your skin tone and to draw attention to different areas of your face. Even something as simple as different lighting and color can affect your look, so consider using contour makeup. This will allow you to draw attention to the prettiest features of your face based on how you apply.

Experiment with different shades and types of contour makeup. This will help you to find something that works for your style, and that allows you to get the effect that you want. On top of this, if something doesn’t work, you can adjust it and continue to change your contour makeup until you get it in the style that you want.

Colored Contact Lenses

Many people overlook what they can do with their eyes. While you can’t change your natural eye color, you can always try out colored contact lenses to give your corneas different colors. While it may seem strange, you can make some big changes to your style by changing your eye color through contact lenses.

If you have a darker eye color, you can try one of the lighter colors like green or blue. This will allow your eyes to stick out and to draw in the attention of others. If you have lighter colored eyes, you can try brown or black to see how that affects your style. Try different ones and see which ones complement your style.

Wig or Hair Extensions

Some people feel like they can only do so much with their hair, but wigs and hair extensions add another layer to styling your hair. With wigs and hair extensions, you can instantly have a new hairstyle or give your hair some extra length. It comes down to trying something that you think will work well for your hair.

On top of this, you can try different styles of hair depending on the look you are hoping to achieve, such as virgin or yaki hair for a natural look or Remy hair for a smooth, sleek look. If you are completely new to using a wig, you may wonder what is yaki hair. Yaki hair is treated with steam that creates a subtle and natural texture. This way, you can get hair extensions or wigs that will better match your real hair. As you look into different types of hair to purchase, you will see these terms used, so be sure you understand the difference and choose what will work best for you.

Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth can add so much to your smile and allow their beauty to stand out. Maybe you don’t like the slight gray tone on your teeth, so look into whitening strips and similar processes to make your teeth whiter. This way, you can have a smile that shines and stands out in a crowd.

Keep in mind that you need to take care of your teeth after you whiten them. You can maintain their look by avoiding foods that stain your teeth and continue cleaning them. This way, you can get your teeth white and keep them white so that you don’t need to keep applying new strips and other treatments.

Try to Get a Piercing

If you are in for a long haul and have tried all the above tips without many positive results, let me tell you a very phenomenal and unique way you can get a new look. The effect that a simple piercing can have on your overall personality is very exceptional. Getting a tiny bar, stud, or a ring, gives you a whole new look and gives your personality the sass that you were looking for.

However, before getting a piercing, you have to keep in mind that there is a fair amount of pain involved, and it might leave a scar if you opt to get it removed in the future. Also, you should make sure that you are pierced by a professional who knows what he is doing. Piercing around the nipples and the genitalia are known to arouse sensitivity in the area, so you can also rejuvenate your sex life using body piercings.


You can find different ways to change up your look, so you should consider using these five ideas. They allow you to make adjustments to your style and try something new so that you can find something that suits you. In the end, changing your look is all about finding something that looks best on you and turns your look into something that you feel confident about. It doesn’t matter which option you go for; you have to remember that it is all about believing that you look good.