Household heroes you should have at home

That cupboard under the sink or the space behind the toilet is likely filled with half empty bottles of cleaners and rags that could do with a wash but among these you need a few ‘household heroes’. These are the items or products that step up to get the job done, that never let you down and are always there in a tough situation. Here are the ones to feature in your home:

Disposable gloves

Washing up, car repairs, painting, gardening… all these are messy jobs that you’d rather not use your bare hands for. That’s why disposable gloves are such a great item to have at home – keep some in the cleaning cupboard ready to go.

Sink and drain cleaner

Drains and pipes can get easily clogged and start to get slow when it comes to releasing water. Therefore, a good drain cleaner is an essential in your home, avoid the high street brands though and pick up a professional make. Evans cleaner, for example, is trusted by professionals and can be picked up online from Brosch Directto whizz down your drains in no time.


For taps coated in limescale or kitchen sinks that just won’t scrub up, Viakal is a lifesaver. Simply spray it on or buy it in liquid form to pour on and leave to do its job, wipe and your taps will look brand new! You can pick this stuff up from supermarkets so grab some on your next food shop to keep around.

Duct tape

According to the Internet you can fix anything with duct tape – it can do everything from simply holding stuff together to repairing a puncture if you need to get somewhere fast – but it’s best to just reserve it for quick fixes before carrying out the real repair work as soon as possible.


Squeaky hinges, rusting metal and cupboards that stick can all be fixed with a quick spritz of WD-40 – and that’s not all it’s good for according to this Reader’s Digest article. It’s something your Dad probably always relied on in a pinch and you should too.

A good pair of scissors

A pair of universal scissors are an essential that many homes don’t have to hand. Therefore, pick up a decent pair that can be used to open packages, cut sellotape, and trim wrapping paper and you’re good to go. Keep them somewhere easy to access – but out of the reach of kids, of course – and ensure they’re always put back in their place.

Damp collectors

Pop these in the cupboard under the sink, in the wardrobes, at the back of drawers holding clothes and in the corners of rooms with outside walls. They’re excellent at capturing moisture in the cooler months, especially if ventilation in your home isn’t as great as it could be. Unibond’s Aero 360 moisture absorber is an excellent choice, it will need emptying and the tablets replacing every month or so but it’s effective. For homes that require a little more ‘umph’ when it comes to moisture collection a small dehumidifier is good to have around, especially if you are drying clothes inside. You can pick one of these up for around £100 and it will last for a fair few years even with regular use.

Keep some of these household heroes around your home and ensure you and your property always has something around to rescue it!