5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

The hot months of summer are here. The kids are out of school and the heat is rising. Do not spend the summer sweating at home. Have you heard of winterizing your home? There are different ways you can prepare your home for summer. The tried and tested summer-proof techniques will keep the house updated and electricity bills in check. Let’s go through the different techniques here.

  1. Consider passive design strategies

When you condition the home, it will consume a lot of energy and incur high costs. Passive design strategies can utilize the elements like sun and wind to keep the home healthy and comfortable. You need not spend a lot of money trying to change the design of the house, you can achieve the purpose in simple and cost-effective ways. The best way is to plant trees and install overhangs to lighten the load on your air conditioner.

You may also want to consider using some daylighting techniques to let in the summer sun and illuminate the home. It will also reduce the use of electrical lighting and save on the bills. You must also choose between a central air conditioner or a window unit AC. The window AC will provide additional flexibility and even if one unit dies, you have others to keep pumping out the cool air as you look to replace it. In a central air conditioning unit, it is all or nothing. If it breaks down, your house will be affected but it can become a permanent addition to the home which adds lasting value.

  1. Begin spring cleaning

There is a lot to tackle after the winter and it can be overwhelming when you see how much maintenance and work it really needs. The problem is that when there is a lot to do, we tend to just skim over the surface and do not go into the deeper levels of grime that could use some attention. You can save yourself from the sunny weather by breaking up the to-do list into small steps so that you can focus on one area at a time. This way, you will not have to keep sweeping or mopping after the sun shines in. Before the hot weather sets in, dive deep into spring cleaning and get your home ready for the summer months. 

  1. Revive the garden

The summer is also an ideal time to start prepping the garden beds. The outdoor spaces play a crucial role in entertaining and lounging during summer. Hence, you must make sure that the space is ready to show off well before you host the first summer brunch at home. Take out time over the weekend to rake, trim, mow, and plant to get the garden ready for summer. You can also add some extra touches to transform the space into a cozy and inviting area. There is no need to incur huge expenses for the same. You can do this by making simple additions like installing the pot lights in the deck or setting a fire pit in the backyard.

  1. Handle the moisture problem

The months of summer are more than hot but they are also dry. It means you have the greater luxury to determine why your basement has moisture build-up issues. This is not something you can do in the heavy months of monsoon or during the chilly winter months. It is one of the most important aspect of home renovations that is looked into by Houston-based Hestia Construction and Design. The best time to handle the problem is during summer, especially when you have to check the outside sources like the drain pipes or the cracked foundation walls and the ground sloping towards the home.

  1. Carry out a home energy audit

Before making any energy efficiency upgrades to the home, you must do a home energy audit. You can also hire a pro for the job. The evaluations are necessary for summer and they will help prioritize the project so you can save the most on your energy bills. You must also add insulation to the home. The better insulated the ceilings, walls, and floors, the less cool air they will leak. Thus, it will enhance the efficiency of the cooling systems in your home.

With these five effective ways, you will be able to prepare your home for summer. Whether you are planning to spend your days relaxing in the garden or you want to host the best barbecue dinners in town, your home is ready to welcome guests. One major concern during the months of summer is the high electricity bills and when you prepare well, you can tackle them with ease. You do not need to incur huge expenses over home decoration, just some deep cleaning and working around the garden can ready your home for the coming months.