6 Home Maintenance Tips to Follow This Winter

Winter reminds one of the holiday seasons that deserve to be cherished. However, with winter also comes a host of home maintenance nightmares which every homeowner has to face. So, why not take care of these issues beforehand so that your winter is spent in true holiday spirits, without any stress?

The list can be pretty exhausting. But in this article, we bring you home maintenance tips that will ensure smooth sailing of the winter holidays.

  1. Remove Pests

Do we even need to tell you why you should pay attention to pest control? These pesky creatures can enter your home to seek warmth and shelter.

Some of the pests you should keep at bay during winters include bed bugs, mice, rats, spiders, fruit fly, and moth fly. The damage such pests make to your house can be devastating. By visiting http://www.delseapestcontrol.net, you’ll know exactly how termites and other silent insects could damage your entire property.

Before they make further damage, it’s a wise decision to consider pest control services so the professionals can locate possible access points for pests, making sure that all pest problems are taken care of.

  1. Change The Lighting Fixtures

Winters can bring with them sadness, darkness, and gloom but all of that can be taken care of – courtesy the evolutionary lighting solutions.

When it’s time to replace old light fixtures with new ones, you can consider bringing a modern touch along with sophistication and class. For instance, there are multiple lantern designs that are made with the Carolina and Charleston lantern style.

Hanging lanterns made with copper lighting from Lantern & Scroll is one of the ways to light up your home and say “goodbye” to winter blues.

  1. Clean Gutters

Why is cleaning gutters important in winters? This is so because the combination of ice, snow, and wind can wreak havoc when fallen into the gutters. Not only this, the leaves, sticks, and acorns accumulating in the autumn season cause huge debris in gutters.

The debris can clog drains and thus lead to leaks as well as other plumbing issues. You can clean the debris, flush it with water and then tighten brackets. Also, see if you need to replace the damaged gutters with the new ones.

  1. Inspect Heating System

Imagine the distress it may cause when you turn on the furnace and find out that it’s not working.

The best way to work about it is to enlist the help of an HVAC professional and ask them to come and inspect your home. These professionals clean the furnace, check for leaks, and change the filter.

Something you can do on your own is to change the furnace filters on a regular basis. You can also stock up on filters in the warmer months. You’ll find a bargain in those months.

  1. Repair The Roof

It’s ideal to repair the roof before the arrival of the chilly winds so there are no leaks during the winter. You need to be proactive because discovering any leaks during the winter is highly inconvenient as you may not find any professional to get the roof repaired. In the winter, the leaky roofs can cause a huge amount of trouble.

Call roof maintenance specialists and let them inspect the loose and missing shingles. You should also trim any branches so that they don’t interfere with the roof and siding.

  1. Inspect Smoke Detectors

From furnaces and electrical circuits to overburdened stoves, there is a host of reasons which can spark off a fire in the home.

Many times, the batteries of smoke detectors are down or missing. Also, pollen, dust, smoke, and cooking vapors can build up in the smoke detectors and block it. This can reduce the performance of the smoke detectors.

To ensure high functionality of smoke detectors, get them checked once in a month especially during the heating seasons.