6 of the Best Tips to Plan Your 2019 Kitchen Renovation

Have you finally made the decision to go through with your kitchen renovation? While it can certainly be an interesting and exciting time, there are many elements you will have to think about with your renovation. The following are some simple tips that you can use to help make the renovation process a bit easier for you, and to ensure that it goes off as smoothly as possible.

Consider the Space

One of the first things that you will need to consider is how much floor space you have to work with, as well as the shape of the area. This is very important because a kitchen with a small area limits your options, and may require some lateral thinking on your behalf to allow you to keep enough bench and cabinet space to work in your kitchen effectively. You may find in certain spaces that a kitchen island actually makes the entire space feel cramped rather than creating more bench space like it’s intended for. Once you have your space mapped out, you can move onto other areas of consideration.

Consider the Budget

Although tempting as it is to spend big and get all of the best materials and styles to have the kitchen of your dreams – you should work out how much you can realistically afford and work within those constraints. If you’ve got money saved in the bank, it’s best to use that rather than getting finance to help fund your renovation. In the short term it hurts to see all your savings disappear, but you will save big in the longer term. If you really need to take a financed option – work out how much you can realistically pay each term. You want to feel comfortable in a great kitchen, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable each time you check your bank account. Always get professional advice when it comes to your finances – and check with your kitchen renovator to see what they offer.

Consider the Overall Aesthetics

The next thing that you will want to do is consider the aesthetics of your home currently. You might want to create a kitchen that is going to match the aesthetics and look of your property. However, you might also want to have a kitchen that has a brand new and different look, which you can then use as a starting point for other renovations you want to do in the home. The idea is to make sure that you have a solid plan for what you want and what you feel is going to look the best.

Choose the Right Cabinets

One of the elements that is going to make or break a kitchen will be the cabinets. Other than the benchtop, it’s one of the first thing that guests will notice in your kitchen so you will want to ensure they appear stylish, but also function practically. There are many different types of cabinet options available today, so make sure that you check out the options and find something that is going to work with your kitchen renovation design. Think about the shape and feel of the cabinet handles, if you want horizontal or vertical handles, or or if you want to go without handles on the overhead cabinets and have an overhang instead. If you are an environmentally conscious person, you may want to consider the materials and fabrication process used by the company providing your cabinets. Some companies ensure that only sustainable materials are used and zero emissions are created during fabrication.

Consider the Flooring

You will also want to think about the flooring for the kitchen renovation. In some cases, the flooring might still be in good shape and you might not need to change it out. Other times, you might decide that you want to go with some new tile, or even a beautiful stone floor in the kitchen. Timber flooring and timber laminates are a more expensive option than tile, but can create some attractive living spaces that are also easy to clean and don’t show up dirt and dust.

Work With a Professional

While there are certainly some benefits to taking on DIY projects, it is not always the best solution. Those who do not have much experience might not be happy with their DIY kitchen renovation, so it might be in your best interest to work with a professional, such as Ecocabinets, from the start. They can help to make the entire process much easier.