7 Winter Fashion Mistakes to Avoid this Season

Just because you need to bundle up in extra layers doesn’t mean you’re allowed to throw your style swag out the door! Trust us, it’s possible to look cute while keeping warm – as long as you don’t succumb to these common fashion mistakes made in the winter. Check yourself before the next time you head outdoors to ensure your ensemble is free of fashion fails.

  1. Patterned Tights
    This was a trend that died alongside your favorite Gossip Girl series. Wearing patterned tights can be a huge distractor, making your outfit look way too busy. Be very careful – and very picky! – when deciding to purchase these types of pantyhose, as they will look different stretched out on your body than they do in the packaging. If you insist on wearing patterned tights, be sure to pair them with simple skirts and sweaters, and know that solid tights are always a safer bet.
  2. Packing Up Your Summer Clothes
    Just because you have to bid a seasonal farewell to your favorite sandals and crop tops, you don’t need to pack up your entire summer wardrobe altogether. Repurpose your favorite skirts and leather shorts by layering them over solid tights or leggings and pairing them with a chunky sweater. You can also wear a turtleneck underneath your favorite summer dress to look effortlessly sexy while still remaining warm.
  3. Garish Winter Sweaters
    We’re huge fans of the glorious ugly Christmas sweater – no doubt. But if you unintentionally step out in a garish sweater, it’s not so funny, and poises you as the butt of the joke. Please, please avoid those bright, attention-seeking pieces that boast obnoxious graphic designs or excessive amounts of sequins. Adding some color is okay, and while everyone wants to feel a little festive this time of year, the goal here is to not make yourself look like an actual Christmas tree.
  4. Sporting a Shapeless Coat
    Yes, outerwear is essential this time of year – but it doesn’t need to transform your outfit into a shapeless bag while getting you from A to B! Steer clear of coats that don’t do your feminine silhouette any favors, instead falling boxy and flat. Wear a flattering gilet or grab a coat that accentuates your waistline and is perfectly tailored to contour your body. Don’t feel like taking your coat into the seamstress? Simply add a belt for an easy shape cinching solution.
  5. Wearing Fur Boots All Wrong
    Everyone relishes the opportunity to pull out those cozy UGG boots as the weather gets cold, but remember that there’s a right and wrong way to rock this look (girls who alternate between their Nikes and UGGs – we’re talking to you!). Remember that although there are some occasions that warrant such notoriously comfy footwear, there’s never a reason to wear your UGGs with shorts. More generally, stray away from other forms of fur boots that make it look as though you’re wearing a furry animal on your feet.
  6. Improper Headwear
    Hats can strike a harmonious cord when putting the finishing touches on an outfit, but during the winter, can totally fall to a flat note. A simple choice between beanie shapes and sizes might make or break the difference as to whether or not you look like a Smurf. Too thick, and it can detract from your outfit, making your face appear disproportionately small. Be sure to try on beanies and hats before buying to make sure the suit your facial structure, and remember that while a light-hearted pom can be fun, with the wrong pattern it can make you look like a child.
  7. Wrong Materials
    Okay, this fashion mistake is to be taken seriously – it can lead to hypothermia! When suiting up for the cold, avoid cotton at all costs. It absorbs moisture and retains it, be it sweat or snow. Furthermore, bundling up in too many tight layers, it can restrict your blood circulation and make you colder in the long run. Be sure to practice proper layering techniques using the right materials next time you have to face the severe cold.

Temperatures might be falling, but your outfits shouldn’t have to suffer, as well. Be careful to avoid these common fashion foes to make sure you’re rocking your wardrobe all winter long.