8 Amazing CBD Oil Products You Have to Try

CBD products are trending right now. The recent legalization of cannabis and CBD in some states throughout the USA, and other countries, has spurred a revolution and demand for these products. There are many benefits to using CBD oil products. They help ease bodily pain, soothe anxiety, and clear the skin, just to name a few.

Although CBD oil can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants, it does not get you high or produce an intoxicated state. It shares certain benefits with smoking marijuana, such as chronic pain relief, while still allowing you to go about your day with a clear mind.

There are a variety of ways to integrate this versatile plant based oil into your life. You can vape, eat, or topically apply CBD to reap the amazing benefits.

Here are 8 forms of the product that you are sure to love.

#1: Vape Pens

If you’re looking for a convenient way to feel the effects of CBD oil quickly, you need a vape pen. Not only are the pens themselves aesthetically pleasing, but the smoke and smell they leave behind are mild.

When choosing the best CBD vape pen for you, you’ll want to consider factors such as your budget and what kind of battery life you want. Many vape pens are incredibly affordable and effective, but not all have the battery life needed for on-the-go use. Also ensure you’re clued up on the possible health risks related to vaping if you choose to go down this alley.

#2: Tinctures

If you aren’t interested in vaping, you might consider trying tinctures. Tinctures are liquid solutions that allow your body maximum absorption of the CBD oil. They’re extremely convenient and have a long shelf life.

Tinctures are ingested orally – you place a few drops under your tongue. If it’s your first time using a tincture, start with a small dose. You don’t need a lot to experience the amazing benefits such as relief from anxiety, headaches, insomnia, menstrual cramps and muscle pain.

#3: Edibles

Another alternative to vaping is eating gummies infused with the oil. You won’t feel the effects as immediately as with vaping or tinctures, but the benefits are largely the same. Just a few of those benefits are improved sleep, relief from depression, and reduced inflammation in the body.

Edible gummies are a great way to control exactly how much you’re consuming. Most gummies list their potency and serving details on the packaging.

#4: Cosmetics

This hemp derived oil doesn’t just improve your health; it can have a positive effect on your physical appearance as well. It has antioxidant properties which lessen signs of aging. CBD cosmetic products boast a wide range of health benefits, from clearing up acne to evening out your skin tone.

For a soothing home spa experience, try an oil-infused face mask or bath bomb. To soothe facial redness, prevent wrinkles, and achieve noticeably clearer skin, you’ll want to use CBD facial cosmetics.

#5: Soap

CBD oil soap has similar effects to using cosmetic products. These benefits include alleviating dryness, redness, inflammation, rashes, and sore or otherwise irritated skin. Incorporate it into your usual bathing routine and feel the difference!

#6: Candles

Candles are already known for their ability to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere. Add in an oil known for its ability to reduce anxiety and you’ve got a truly special candle. Relaxing with a CBD oil candle can even decrease blood pressure.

Try unwinding for the evening by lighting one and taking a bath with your CBD soap! You’re sure to get an amazing night’s sleep afterwards.

#7: Nasal Spray

If you’re using CBD products to manage chronic pain, then you need relief in a quick and convenient way. A CBD nasal spray is one of the most fast-acting methods. You will start to feel the effects directly after use.

These are incredibly useful for keeping in your bag or pocket for fast relief from anxiety, menstrual cramps, muscle pain and more.

#8: Supplements

Don’t like the taste of tinctures or the sensation of nasal sprays? Oral capsule supplements could be the way to go. These come in pill packets the same way as ibuprofen does, and most products get to work straightaway. They can be bought in different dosages.

Final Thoughts

There’s a good reason that CBD oil products are all the rage right now – they have the power to positively impact your life with their amazing health and wellness benefits.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, pain relief, or clearer skin, there is a CBD product for you.