8 Must Cities To Visit in 2020

The turn of the year is not far away now, so most of us are looking forward to planning a vacation in 2020. It is always a difficult choice on where to visit for the upcoming year. Do you visit somewhere close, somewhere familiar or somewhere far and unknown? There are so many questions that need answering.

This list is made to help you find the best cities to visit in 2020.

Portland, USA

This is the Portland in Maine, not the Portland in Oregon. The food scene of this city is growing and its speciality: Fish. The fish is so fresh it is almost served alive on the plate. There is also a great variety of restaurants all serving local produce. But it is not only the food scene that is raising, the hotel game is too. With new and luxurious hotels popping up around the city and old ones being refurbished. The bay is full of amazing things for you to do, whether you visit alone, as a couple or a family.

Dakar, Senegal

The capital of Senegal, Dakar is more well-known for being the finishing city of the Paris-Dakar rally. But those days are behind it now and the city is an art heaven that is not easy to categorise in a box. The beaches are a hot-spot for surfers and sun seekers alike, with some of the best waves in the world. 2020 will also see the 3oth anniversary of their art exhibition, “The Biennale“.

Plymouth, UK

Called “Britain’s Ocean City”, Plymouth is bursting with life. The port city is seeing the arrival of five star chefs and refurbishments being done to the waterfront, bringing the city up to standard. 2020 marks a special year for Plymouth, as it was 400 years since the Mayflower set sail from the Mayflower steps towards what we know call America in 1620.

Salvador, Brazil

Brazil caught the headlines throughout 2019 for the wrong reasons, the huge Amazon fires. But nobody should be writing the country off their to do list, in fact we should all be showing our support. Eco-tourism in the region is being greatly promoted and very much worth the visit. And Salvador is the place to be in Brazil this coming year.

Paris, France

The French capital has always been a top city world wide. Known for culture, art and trending cafes, the city of love will always be on a top list of places to visit, regardless of the year. New hotels and restaurants are set to be opening in 2020. Make sure to put The City of Lights on your must visit list!

Salzburg, Austria

The most important reason to visit the alpine city of Salzburg in 2020 is simple: The Salzburg festival is turning 100 years old. That means the festivities will be huge. there will be singing and dancing and much more as the city comes to life to celebrate tradition. The classical musical scene as never looked so appealing.

Kyoto, Japan

After the recent success Japan has seen in hosting the rugby world cup for 2019, it comes as no surprise as it has now become a top destination for 2020. Kyoto is leading this charge. It is a mixture of old and new, past and present. But the mix is perfect. And let us not forget that Japan are also hosting the 2020 Olympics, so the atmosphere throughout the country will be outstanding.

Galway, Ireland

Full of traditional inns and pubs, all full of Irish charm, Galway is set to be the European Capital of Culture in 2020. The food scene it already spectacular, and it is only set to improve. With loads of upcoming events during 2020, with readings from famous authors such as Margaret Atwood and many more poised throughout the calendar year, there will always be something going on to enjoy in Galway.


Those are some of the eight best cities to visit during 2020, hopefully you manage to visit all of them. But just visiting one will make it the best vacation of the year. And don’t forget your Online Slot Machines to keep you company during the long waits in airports and the likes. They are always there to keep you entertained!