Guide to a new-look kitchen on a budget

We all love our kitchen fresh and looking rich at all times. Well, exotic-looking kitchens can cost quite a fortune. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the most popular advice is to budget 5 to 15% of your house value for that purpose. The truth is that calculating the cost of complete renovation is not that simple, especially if you are on a budget. With an extra bit of creativity and effort, you give the heart of your home a complete facelift without compromising on the style. Come along as we share a few creative ideas to help transform your kitchen.

Repaint the kitchen cabinets

Repainting the cabinets is easily the fastest and cheapest way to give your kitchen a new look. Other than waiting for a few days for the paint to dry, this can be completed on a Weekend. An essential part of this task, maybe more than the painting itself, is the prep. Take your time to fill up the holes, smoothen the uneven surface with sandpaper, and prime the surface before painting to get a delightful result.

Update the flooring

Vinyl is not as long-lasting as tile but can be mistaken for it, looking at from afar. Since this is a budget update, Vinyl should do. It is relatively easy to install. The material is waterproof and resistant to stain. So, maintaining it should not be a problem. It comes in various attractive styles and colors.

Install a new kitchen countertop

Whether on budget or not, your kitchen countertop should make a statement. Kitchen countertops come in different grades, materials, options and are available in wide ranges of budgets. In case you are thinking of installing a beautiful, easy to maintain, long-lasting countertop without compromising on style or breaking the bank. Granite countertops are popular for those reasons. For a reduced cost, you should get granite countertops from a wholesaler that also handles installation.

Make your kitchen spacious.

It’s incredible how much beauty and freshness you can add to your kitchen just by creating more space. Clearing the worktop can instantly transform the whole place. Start by getting hanging rails, extra shelves for the utensils, and a pan rack. The good thing is this will cost you little to nothing other than an afternoon to rearrange. Make space in your kitchen cupboard by taking out those items you rarely or no longer use in the same vein.

Add new appliances or replace old ones.

New appliances sitting pretty are always a sight to behold. They give your kitchen a contemporary feel. But pay attention to size, devices taking most of the space does not scream style. Also, you can go for brightly colored appliances that compliment your wall, floor, and worktop. New utensils, kettle, or toaster will blend well with the refreshing style too. 

Don’t forget about the wall tiles

You might think that updating your wall tiles entails a massive budget. After all, most people recommend hiring a skilled professional to take on this project. Surely, it’s well worth the investment. But if your budget isn’t enough, you can settle for an alternative that provides results that are just as high impact. For instance, you can use tile paint to repaint your wall tiles. Take this opportunity to choose a color that complements the overall look of your kitchen, appliances, and furniture. You have to get your hands dirty a little bit, but this DIY kitchen makeover project can turn out to be loads of fun.

Light it up

Start from the wall. Paste a cool wallpaper or hang art with a splash of color to brighten this vital space of your home. Who says light should be turned on the ceiling only? Go a step further by adding pendant lighting and some other bright accessories and natural light in strategic places for a unique atmosphere from the rest of the house.

Accessorize your kitchen

For the finishing touches, consider accessorizing your kitchen. These kitchen accessories can work wonders when it comes to adding pops of your chosen accent color. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper way to give your kitchen a makeover than using these accessories. Whether you want to add interest to an otherwise boring kitchen or highlight certain parts of the kitchen, you’ll surely find the right accessory to add. From lampshades and baskets to book stands and vintage-look bottles, you have complete freedom over the accessories you want your kitchen to have.

There you go, giving your kitchen a significant upgrade is all about creativity and paying attention to little details than a huge budget.