8 Ridiculously Easy Food and Beverage Ideas for a Wedding Shower

Once a traditional women-only celebration of a bride’s future new marital status, bridal showers are now seen as a non-gender celebration where all friends and family are invited. In general, brides are the guest of honor, and the theme can either be similar to that of the wedding or anything that works for the area where the bride lives. So a summer bridal shower might be a fun pool party, a beautiful ocean theme, or even a cool evening summer outdoor event.

The only tradition you want to remember when throwing a bridal shower is keeping lots of food treats available for the guests. Don’t forget the wine!

You want to have fun and indulge the bride in everything she loves. It is not meant to be a formal event, so have fun and keep all of the bride’s favorite things available. Think fun canapes and her favorite San Simeon Wines. There are fewer people at this event, making it a perfect time to splurge a little. Read on to find a few more great tips on food and fun during a summer bridal shower.

Comfort Foods

Do you want tacos or beef kabobs? Talk to your caterer to see what he can do to make a few of the bride’s favorites spectacular.

Get Creative in Your Settings

Add a few focal points or choose a theme and then select foods emphasizing the theme. Try something fun like Poke bowls, walking raw vegetable trays, or do something fun like make your own ice cream parfait bar. Keep the conversation going among guests by having servers walk around making food offerings.

If you plan on having buffet style, mix up the serving vessels. Use different bowl sizes and textures to add more interest to the table.

Use a balance of foods. Avoid using all sweets for a bridal shower event. Some people don’t like sweets.

With Family Fun in Mind

Keep family ambiance going with a good wine, mini sliced pizza, or even oysters on the half shell. Bridal showers are about being back home, and these dishes help guests see what local dishes avail.

Be Careful With the Bar

While having a few bottles of wine on hand is perfectly acceptable, it isn’t necessary to have large amounts of hard alcohol. If you want to add something special, though, consider a couple of nice cocktail options.

A full bar is perfectly acceptable if you wish to add this if it is an evening event. You might even do a tasting, like a tequila tasting event.

Be sure to have alcohol-free options on hand. Great options might be a watermelon lemonade or a berry home soda.

If you need more specific treat options, here are more ideas.

The Cheese Board

A beautiful cheese board offers grazing opportunities and is a great conversation starter. Use local cheeses and wine mixed with fresh fruit and raw veggies. Let guests make their selections.

Seafood Bar

Summer and the sea seem to go together. Try a raw bar. Make raw oysters, fresh clams, and cool lobster claws go hand in hand with summer weather. Let guests make their choices and have fun.


Cute tartlets are a must-have at a summer bridal shower. Top with cherry tomato puree and eggplant. Think of a soft goat cheese tartlet. This type of celebration food is exquisite and brings out the delicate savory flavor of a favorite wine.

Odds and Ends

Add other bite-size tidbits like cured salmon with creme fraiche over cocktail toast. Add pea crostinis with fresh spring peas and ricotta cheese. Add the familiar spring rolls with rice paper-wrapped veggies.

When It’s All Over

The right food and wine can make a bridal shower into a fabulous celebration. But don’t let it end there. At the end of the party be sure to offer a special thank you to the guests. Set up a table near the door with special treats and party favors.

Remember food and drink is important for a nice bridal shower, but so is the conversation. Make sure you have games or activities on hand to keep the conversation and the fun flowing.