9 Expert Tips on Making Money While Traveling

Do you wish you can travel the world and visit new places? Most people would say just go ahead and do it. But, that is easier said than done especially if money is a major hindering factor.

Well, you won’t be the first person to have money problems. The truth is most travelers don’t rely on one source of income. Money is pooled from various streams to aid in their traveling.

In this article, we will be revealing some of the ways to make money traveling. Read below:

9 Ways to Make Money While Traveling

  1. Become a Social Media Influencer

The rise of social media apps saw the creation of new jobs, and influencers are an example. As the name indicates, an influencer is someone who can persuade an audience or impact their thinking and most importantly spending habits.

Your next question might be, “then why isn’t everyone doing it, if it seems so easy?”. Well, the truth is not everyone can. Influencing is a niche market, that is, you need to find a market and build your brand on that.

Since you want to travel, you most likely need gear for that, transport expenses etc. You can reach out to companies who provide services relevant to your travel and offer to be a representative. However, note that you must have exposure to convince the companies to take a chance on you.

  1. Deliver Packages

Another option you can choose is to offer your services as a courier. If you’re heading from point A to point B, you can deliver packages on behalf of individuals in point A at a certain fee. However, there are dangers attached to be a private courier such as shady businesses trying to use you as a transporter.

In situations such as this, it would be best to sign up to credible platforms where accreditation of buyers and sellers is done. You are also protected as the amount for your services is kept in escrow pending completion of the delivery.

  1. Flower and Vegetable Picking

When planning your travel journey, you can fit in a stop at a location known for its fruit and vegetable farms. Certain travel spots like Australia are popular among travelers due to the availability of season work. Farmers and orchard owners alike look forward to the arrival of visitors to help them with fruit picking tasks.

For you, this is good news as it means you can supplement your travel allowance. However, note that you will need to have a working holiday visa. Some farmers might offer money as compensation for the work, while others can offer a temporary abode for your stay in the country.

  1. House-Sitting

Leaving a house empty for a long period makes it easy for thieves to break in. However, there are certain circumstances that might warrant staying out of home for a lengthy period. In such a situation, home owners look for house sitters to dissuade break ins.

When traveling to a location, you can look out for ads on house sitting. The compensation offered by homeowners for house sitting differs. For some, giving you a room to stay in is enough while others offer additional pay.

  1. Join a Volunteer Activity

One thing you can sure of as you visit various countries is that there will always be opportunities for volunteer work. But, a downside of volunteer work is the fact that most times, there is no monetary reward for it. In cases where pay is offered, it might not necessarily be enough to cover your travel expenses.

For example, before traveling to a place like New Jersey, you can input a search query on Google such as find volunteer activities or find betting offers in New Jersey. Apart from monetary rewards, there are other benefits such as housing and food. With your accommodation and feeding costs already covered, you have more money on your hands to engage in other activities.

  1. Apply for Small Online Jobs

There are side jobs on the internet which you can take to earn additional income. These jobs aren’t exactly high paying, but as you accumulate your earnings, they should be substantial enough to help you with certain expenses.

Some things you can try including online surveys. Independent reviewers might need your opinion on a certain product if you have used it in the past. You can also apply to be an app tester so that app developers can gain insight on possible user experience when the app gets launched.

  1. Get a Location Independent Job

In the digital age, jobs are moving beyond the four walls of an office. Simply owning a phone or laptop and having access to the internet is more than enough to keep your productive. If your traveling is not restricted by your work, then you can do both at the same time.

Some jobs you can investigate include, freelance content writing, social media manager, graphics designer etc.

  1. Sell your Talent

Everyone has that one skill they are born with. You can leverage on it and turn it into a money-making opportunity for yourself. For example, if you know how to sing or draw, you can visit a popular hotspot in your travel location and display such. As an artist, you can draw portraits of other tourists or locals for a price.

  1. Recycle

Certain countries are big on protecting the environment. Therefore, they pay a certain sum of money if you help reduce waste in the country. For example, in Istanbul, you get money in exchange for recovering recyclable materials.


There are several other things you can try to make money while traveling. But, in your quest to supplement your travel expenses, be wary of shady offers and activities. You don’t want to find yourself in jail in a foreign land all because you failed to carry out a due diligence on certain activities that are against the law in the country you’re in.