Adorn Your Home with Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures add a touch of class to you home interior décor with exquisite models and exemplary designs.  The finesse of workmanship characterized by intricate design patterns, distinguishes pendant lighting fixtures from other types of lighting fixtures.  Such fixture will transform your house into a visual treat.  They infuse color and life into the most simplistic or dull spaces or areas in your house. Nowadays, interior décor is given utmost importance and taken in high regard while planning a house or renovating a house. Lighting fixtures are used beyond their functional purposes to embellish the interior of a house for decorative purposes. Pendant lighting fixtures are the most popular type of contemporary lighting fixtures used for decorative purposes. Such fixtures help you to enhance the aesthetic beauty of any room or space by showcasing elegance and elitism.

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Pendant lighting fixtures find their origins from eastern traditions where they were used as royal lamps in various erstwhile Asian empires and kingdoms. The ability to adorn any space and glorify it by augmenting the visual beauty just like ornaments and jewels, has earned such fixtures, the name pendant lighting fixtures.  A pendant lighting fixture is made up of one or more pendant. A single pendant is an ornamental lighting fixture which is hung from the ceiling usually by a suspended cord, chain or metal rod in similar fashion to a chandelier. These fixtures are mostly installed as multiples.  Such fixtures are commonly hung in places like, over kitchen counters, dinner tables, billiards table, entertainment area, fancy bathrooms and bar stands.

Though there is a similarity in purpose, style and function between chandeliers and pendant lights, they are not the same. While both types of lighting fixtures exude elegance, chandeliers are elaborate and used for larger lighting purposes like illuminating an entire living room or dining room. Whereas, pendant lighting is smaller in terms of size and illumination and is used to ornament smaller places like kitchen counters and billiards tables. Social media and sites like Homeclick have done a great job at showcasing the almost limitless lighting options, ranging from styles, finishes, colors and so on. There also exists a difference in terms of structure between chandeliers and pedant lights. Generally, a pedant light is characterized by the presence of a single sconce suspended from the ceiling usually by a solitary cord, chain or metal rod. But unlike the pedant light, a chandelier consists of multiple layers in a branched fashion that houses a number of bulbs. When it comes to functionality, the pedant light is illuminated by the lamp shade, whereas, a number of bulbs are used for lighting in a chandelier.

You do not have to worry about settling down for a single type of pedant lighting fixture and selecting a room that suits this type as such fixtures offers you variation in terms of types, colors and sizes. There are three different types of lighting fixtures available in the market.  This provides for flexibility and ease of comfort while making a purchase decision.  The three types of pedant lighting fixtures are:

a)      Conventional Pendant: In this type, the open side of the glass shade is installed in such a manner that it faces down.

b)      Inverted Pedant:  In contrast to conventional pendant type, the open side of the glass faces up.

c)       Mini Pedant:  It is the micro version of a pedant or ornament

All three types of pendant lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. You can also choose to vary the material used to produce them by selecting metal, glass or plastic. The different style of pedants include bowl pedants which are shaped like a soup bowl, multi- light pedants consist of a pedant fixture with different colored lamp shades, island pendants are distinct by their design which is unconventional and not a well rounded shape like an island, large pendants are those pedant fixtures that are over 12 inches in size, mini pedant are pedant that are less than 12 inches and foyer pendants. Pendants are also available in sets with other types of lighting fixtures which helps you to co-ordinate the lighting system at home to achieve commonality and continuity.

Pendant lighting fixtures can perform multiple functions while playing the role of ornamental or decorative lighting. Such fixtures can be used for both general lighting purposes and specific lighting purposes. This flexibility feature enables you to use them in any room or area in your house. Each type of pedant lighting fixtures has a specific role or purpose.

  • Enthrall your visitors and guests by the elegant use of Conventional pendant fixtures at entrances, walkways, reception areas and lounges. They act as an ideal introduction to your house
  • Dine in style and luxury as Inverted pedant lighting fixtures are apt for illuminating dining tables and kitchen countertops. Such fixtures are also suitable for game and recreational tables. They can also be used in study tables and business desks to add a touch of class.
  • Mini pedant fixtures can be used for ambient lighting to light up the mood or used for specific lighting purposes to lay emphasis on certain objects like art, memorabilia, antiques and trophies

Pedant lighting fixtures truly accelerates you to king class! At least in terms of your house lighting systems. So why wait longer! Select the right pedant light fixture to adorn your house right away!