Are You that Kind of Woman? 7 Types of Women You Will Find at Any Hen Party

Hens parties in Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter are a lot of fun. You get to spend time with your most favorite friends, engaging in all sorts of great activities. Now, most such parties tend to have their similarities, at least as far as the gals taking part in hens parties. Let’s have fun exploring some of these stereotypes, and seeing if your party has these stereotypes as well. 

The Late One

She’ll probably come to the party running, flustered, and maybe even with a few tears in her eyes. The other one will come in late, but be incredibly charming while doing so, almost making you forget that she completely missed the first part of the party. Hen parties usually have both of these types of ladies, which will be pretty hard to digest for a bride who likes her peeps to be on time.

The Super Organizer

This one has the bride’s best interests in her mind, or so she thinks. Whatever you ask of her, she’ll make it happen, and she’ll be sure to have absolutely everything planned out perfectly. She will be checking to make sure that everything is going according to her perfect plan, and will step in when things are going in another direction. Having this kind of person is amazing for a hen party, though some can get carried away with all the planning, forgetting that this is all about having fun. Of course, in some cases, the super organizer is the future bride herself, so brides beware!

The Old One

Having a kid changes everyone, especially women. These ladies are incredibly careful to not get drunk, merely sipping drinks rather than actually drinking them. Shots of alcohol will be met with plenty more water. They’re also very likely to listen, or at least pretend to, all the while pitching in with stories about their kids that are going to bore all the single ladies like nothing else.

The Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss Her

Some people are very busy, and have tons of events in their agenda; from sports teams to who-knows-what-else. Because of that, it’s very likely that at least one of your guests will disappear before 10 o’clock. On the other hand, there’s also the super shy friend from long ago, who no one else really knows, and talks to no one. It’s very likely that she’ll disappear into thin air as soon as possible.

The Super Cool One

All parties have someone who’s …well, the life of the party. She has amazing ideas, as well as a lovely energy about her, that everyone will want to soak up. However, don’t let this one drink too much, or she might just explode into crying about how insecure she is or about her crazy schedule that she just can’t stand anymore. Just make sure she doesn’t drink a lot, and you’re good to go.

The Occasional Drinker

This one doesn’t normally drink, or if she does, it’s only a very little bit. That is, until your hen party, of course. It’s very likely that this will be the time for her to let loose, while you’ll have to find excuses to give the bartender, as he cleans up her vomit off the floor. If you’ve got someone like this in your group, be sure to seat her next to the one with a kid, since she may remind the occasional drinker of her true self.

The Flirt

She may not spend a lot of time with the rest of you, since she’ll be on the dance floor, trying to seduce some hot guy, or at the bar, getting drinks from some guy or another. When she will be with the group, expect some saucy gossip and an incredible information about her sex life. As you may already know if you’ve got someone like this in your group, this kind of person gets bored very fast, and you may have a hard time keeping her with you. If you see her completely disappearing a few times during the night, don’t take it personally. It’s just part of who she is.

Most hen parties share some similarities in terms of the kind of activities that people typically engage in. However, even if you’ve got the most unique and out of the box party out there, it may still be similar to other ones in terms of its guests. While stereotypes are usually not great, when it comes to stereotypes of the kind of women one sees at a hen party, they’re pretty harmless. So, read up and figure out who’s who in your little group. If you see this article before the actual party, be sure to think of activities that will be fun for everyone, so that even someone like the flirt will be entertained.