Artificial Green Walls By Turf Distributors Add A Natural Look To Any Backdrop

An artificial green wall, unlike actual plants, flourishes in variable weather and temperatures, as well as in the absence of natural light. Whereas genuine plants would immediately droop, a green wall thrives and remains lovely all year.

In contrast to live plants, an inorganic facade from is:

  • Fire retardant and subjected to rigorous testing
  • Simple to install, and Turf Distributors provides step by step instructions
  • Low maintenance and administrative costs
  • Because it is lower in weight, it is appropriate for weaker fence panels.

What materials are used to create the fake living wall?

An artificial green wall is a type of design that combines the benefits of green and natural plants; it is also known as a green wall, hanging garden, and plant wall.

The plant wall’s components might be natural or artificial plants. Fake plants, unlike genuine plants, do not require water or time to develop and are easier to install. The fake green wall’s backing is strong and easy to affix to vertical surfaces. In many situations, each panel is supported by a steel or plastic frame.

Where are artificial living walls useful?

The greatest advantage of artificial vegetation walls is that they’re being installed anyplace. When you design your house or business with botanicals, the location is critical since each piece must accommodate the plant’s development.

In comparison, artificial plant walls have more creativity and modeling elements that may be used both indoors and outdoors. High-quality fake plant walls are built of UV-resistant materials that may be left outside to stay alive and fresh.

Wall of synthetic plants

Greenery types featured within synthetic living walls

The options for creating a false living wall are limitless. That’s half the joy of it! Indoors, thick and overflowing vegetation may give a lush garden atmosphere. Those seeking a more contemporary aesthetic will typically opt for fake boxwood. The mix of artificial gardenias and white flowers is light and airy.

Those who want to create quiet environments might try using artificial photinia on their green walls. If you’re in a tropical paradise, the aim is to gather rainbow leaves of all shapes and sizes to inspire daily life.

The benefits of faux plant walls over genuine plants

Many people have debated whether to use genuine or fake plants for interior decorating for a long time. When considering installing a living wall, consider the advantages of using fake plants.

Artificial green walls (Green wall – Wikipedia) would not require fertilizer, insecticides, or irrigation. The installation is straightforward and easy; hence the cost is significantly cheaper than for genuine plant walls. They don’t require any continuing maintenance to look excellent all year.

If you’re a resident or company owner who enjoys the look of living panels but suffers with allergies, fake plants can help. The artificial vegetation wall can survive in the absence of sunshine.

It means you can have a professional-looking green wall even if you don’t have a green thumb. Faux vegetation walls will add a lot of charm to your room, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery without worry. Click here for more information on vertical vegetation walls, and how to build them from both live and faux vegetation.

The most effective fake living wall panels

Panels of artificial hedges

One of the traditional product lines, artificial hedge panels, has long been a mainstay among faux living wall goods. It is a long-time popular fixture among faux panel providers clients and has unwavering popularity on the fake plant market. These companies provide a wide range of fake hedges to suit a variety of preferences and demands.

They use a variety of flora, such as synthetic boxwood and artificial ivy.

Garden Artificial Living Walls

Outdoor Applications For Living Walls

A private outdoor garden should seem like a haven for homeowners as well as their visitors, whether they live in a metropolitan flat or a classic house.

These fake greenery slats can change and enliven any outdoor area, whether you choose to decorate an empty space or create a calm atmosphere for guests. Reintroduce perennial foliage into even the most restricted areas, such as a rooftop patio or a city garden.

The foliage panels can be banner size for outdoor fake green walls or come in smaller panels for any size space you’re looking to upgrade. Custom faux foliage panels are available so that any area or room can be fitted with a great looking artificial living wall.

Commercial Green Walls for the Outdoors

Full sun, traffic, smog, and even hazardous emissions may wreak havoc on more extreme, uncommon, or demanding surroundings. Not all sites are suitable for natural greenery, and settings such as airports, hotels, cruise ships, or retail malls are either too expensive or impracticable for many green solutions. Nonetheless, seamless and amazingly artificial foliage for outdoor areas is designed to function all year in harsh settings.