At the Top of Their Game: Top 5 Female Chefs with Michelin Stars

There are many renowned chefs in the world. What distinguishes the best from the others is a Michelin star. When one gets a Michelin star, it proves that they are very skilled in whatever they do. If you got a massive win on an online casino like JackpotCity Casino, you might want to visit one of their restaurants. A chef will do what it takes to get even a single Michelin star. A Michelin star is advantageous since it enables one to get a good rating. Here are the top 5 female chefs with Michelin stars:

Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie is a female chef with the most Michelin stars. She holds eight stars across the five restaurants that she owns. Surprisingly, she has no training when it comes to culinary. She took over her family’s restaurant after the death of her father in 1997. She earned three stars for the restaurant, after which she opened the second restaurant.

The second restaurant celebrates her family’s culinary lineage from Valence. Its objective was to show the inventive spirit that bound Anne-Sophie’s family’s history with that of French gastronomy.

Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn is one of the greatest chefs the world has ever had. Her restaurant that is in San Francisco, Atelier Crenn, was awarded three Michelin stars. Her Bar Crenn was also awarded one Michelin star.

She boasts of being the first and only female chef in the US to have gotten the three Michelin stars. This put her in the position of being one of the five women in the world to be awarded the restaurant’s guide’s highest honor.

Elena Arzak

Elena Arzak is a chef from Spain, where she co-owns the Arzak restaurant together with her father, Juan Mari Arzak. The restaurant earned three Michelin stars some years back. She was declared the world’s best female chef in 2012.

She started by working in her family’s restaurant at the tender age of 11. Her father later sent her to train at other restaurants. She worked at Le Gavroche in London and also taught at La Maisson Troigros before returning to Spain. In 2011, she became the joint head chef of her family’s restaurant alongside her father.

Annie Feolde

Annie Feolde is a French chef and holds three Michelin stars from her restaurant called Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy. She was the first female chef from Italy to win that award. She won her first Michelin starin 1981 at Enoteca Pinchiorri. The second star came in 1982 and the third in 1992.

Annie Feolde has also appeared in the television series, Top Chef Italia as one of the judges.


Nadia Santini

Nadia Santini is an Italian chef best known for her restaurant Dal Pescatore in Canneto sull’Oglio, Lombardy. The restaurant holds three Michelin stars since 1996. Her cooking style is Italian cuisine. Other chefs highly regarded as Anne-Sophie Pic believe she is “extraordinary” and an inspiration to others. The British chef, Angela Harnett, described Santini as one of her “heroes.”

In 2013, Nadia Santini was christened Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female chef from The world’s 50 Best Restaurants by Restaurant Magazine.